Adventure Express

Opened: April 13. 1991

Cost: $4 million ($400,000 of the $4 million was on special effects)

Type: Mine train

Track Length: 2,963 feet

Lift Height: 1st- 63’ 2nd- 42’

Maximum Speed: 35 miles per hour

Time of Ride: 2 minutes, 30 seconds

Designed by: Arrow Dynamics, manufactured by Kings Island Construction Co. Special effects by R&R creative, with design by Amusement Design

Trains: 3 trains, 6 cars per train with 30 people per train


1st- 161’ long Theme- snakes

2nd- 103’ long Theme- booby trap

3rd- 201’ long Theme- volcanic eruption

4th- 295’ long Theme- forbidden temple

Materials: 180,000 board feet used to support the steel track.

Hourly Capacity: 1,600 people per hour

Ridership: 37,450,509 rides since opening in 1991, the eighth-most in park history. Its record year was 1993, when 2,143,480 rides were given. (Numbers through 2019 season.)

Location: Adventure Port starting in 2023. Previously in Oktoberfest.

Miscellaneous: In 2022, AE received a new paint job to its track. In 2023, AE was included into the new area of the park called Adventure Port. It received new theming to fit into Adventure Port. It also received a new entrance plaza.