Opened: April 18th, 2009

Cost: $22 million

Maximum Height: 230 feet

Length of First Drop: 222′

Height of First Drop: 215′

Height of other drops: 193′, 131′, 129′, 110′, 106′

Total Drops: 10

Length of track: 5,282′

Ride Time: 3 minutes

Top Speed: 80 miles per hour

Hourly Capacity: 1,620 riders per hour

Track: 852.5 tons

Supports: 650.5 tons

Foundations: 1,100 cubic yards of concrete with 130 tons of reinforcing steel

Acres: 10

Foundations installed by: Modern day Concrete Construction

Ride Erection: Adena Corporation

Station Construction: Adena Construction

Ride Design by: Boliger and Mabillard

Ride Manufactured by: Clermont Steel Fabricators in Batavia, Ohio

Station Design by: RSL Commercial Architecture

Location: Rivertown

Ridership: 1,852,831 were given in its first season. 20 Million rides have been give through 2022 season.

Miscellaneous: On 7/13/22 Diamondback gave its 20 millionth ride. Details: https://kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/42496-diamondback-gives-its-20-millionth-ride-on-71322/

For the 2023 season, Diamondback received a new paint job. The track became crimson red and the support columns went from yellow and tan to mushroom brown.

Number of Trains: three

Vehicles: Four passenger cars, two each front/rear offset

Vehicle length: 8′-0 1/4″

Train Length: Eight vehicles for a total of 32 passengers, 71′-10 3/4″

Train Width: 7′-1 1/4″

Ride Structure Weight: 1,503 tons