Name: Dodgem

Built in: 1986

Manufactured by: Barbezzi (Azzura) of Reggio, Italy and Majestic International of New Waterford, Ohio.

Number of Cars: 40, each holding a maximum of 2 people

Driving Area: 6,022.3 square feet

Ride Time: 1 minute, 40 seconds

Location: Coney Mall

Ridership: 35,968,393 riders since 1972, 9th most in park history. Its record year was 1976 when 1,100,299 rides were given. (Numbers through the 2019 season.)

Miscellaneous: The current set of Dodgems cars replaced a set of cars that were removed when Coney Mall was renovated in 1986. The original cars were moved from Coney Island.