Drop Tower

Name: Drop Tower

Former Name: (1999-2007) Drop Zone Stunt Tower

Built in: 1999

Height of Tower: 315 feet

Height of Drop: 264 feet

Ride Time: 88 seconds

Number of Seats: 40 outward facing seats

Maximum Speed: 67 mph

Hourly Capacity: 550 people per hour

Manufactured by: Intamin AG of Zurich, Switzerland

Location: Action Zone

Ridership: 5,787,377 riders since 1999, 31st most in park history. Its record year was 2001 with 623,905 riders. (Numbers through the 2009 season).

Foundation: Stephen Schaefer Associates, Inc. designed the foundation utilizing a 700 cubic yard reinforced concrete pile cap supported on sixteen H-pile sections driven 90 feet deep to bedrock.

World Records: Drop Zone opened as the world`s tallest Gyro Drop (PKD`s Drop Zone now holds the record by an additional 8 feet.)

Miscellaneous: Drop Zone was built as the world`s tallest gyro drop. Inside the tower, there is a small, 2 man, 2 meter maintenance elevator to access the top. The top of the tower, which houses all of the lifting equipment, weighs 60 tons.


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