Opened: 2011

Manufacturer: Mondial

Height: 301 feet

Max Swing Angle: Up to 45 degrees

Rotation Speed: 8 RPM

Diameter: 110’ at full swing

Ride Time: 3 minutes

Number of Seats: 32 arms with 2 seats per arm, for a total of 64 riders per ride cycle.

Hourly Capacity: 1,280 per hour

Ride Cost: $5 million

Foundation Details: (12) 42″ diameter piers are 33′ below grade. The bottom of the 45′ wide octagonal foundation pier cap is 7.5′ below grade and 6′ thick. The 16′ diameter pedestal around the (176) anchor bolts extends to grade above the pier cap.

Height Requirement: 52″ to ride

Miscellaneous: Cedar Fair installed four Windseeker attractions in 2011. Besides Kings Island, WindSeekers were installed at Knott`s Berry Farm, Canada`s Wonderland, and Cedar Point. Windseeker`s were installed in 2012 at Kings Dominion and Carowinds as well.