Woodstock Express

Former Names:

  1. Fairly Odd Coaster (2006-2009)
  2. The Beastie (1980-2005)
  3. Scooby Doo (1972-1979)

Opened: 1972

Track Length: 1,350 feet

Track Height: 38 feet 6”

Maximum Speed: 30 miles per hour

Construction Supervisors: James L. Martz and James R. Figley

Location: Planet Snoopy

Ridership: 47,363,448 riders since 1972, 5th most in park history. Its record year was 1987 with 1,466,142 riders. (Numbers through the 2019 season).

Miscellaneous: Designed by John Allen, of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The ride features 2 junior PTC trains. The ride was originally known as Scooby Doo until the park added the tunnel at the bottom of the first drop in 1980 to resemble The Beast and renamed it The Beastie