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If you love food trucks, get ready for the festival rolling into Kings Island this summer. At Kings Island's Food Truck Festival July 18-19, try everything from award-winning waffles, to gourmet grilled cheese and mouthwatering ribs. With over 25 food trucks and all the thrills of the park, you get the kind of fun that's only found at Kings Island! And the price of admission gives you access to it all. Start making plans now, because you won't want to miss out. Park hours are 10:00 a.m. to midnight Saturday, July 18, and 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sunday, July 19.


Participants include:


C'est Cheese

Cuban Pete

Blue Ash Chili

Bones Burgers

Cold Stone

Pizza Tower

Maui Wowi 

...and many more!


Click here for more information on Kings Island Food Truck Festival!



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Ever since Kings Island hosted Ride Warriors Coaster Weekend in 2009 fans have been asking when the park would repeat such an awesome event.  With the addition of Banshee in 2014, the time came to do it all again - in a spectacular fashion!


On May 16th and 17th 2015, Kings Island will host the inaugural Coasterstock event.  This event is open to approved coaster clubs and will feature activities such as:


  • Exclusive ride times on Banshee, The Bat, Diamondback & much more!
  • Behind the scenes photo tours of Banshee, The Beast, and the Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad
  • Dinner on Saturday, May 16th, and lunch of Sunday, May 17th
  • A special presentation of International Them Park Services owner and Kings Island Hall of Famer Dennis Speigel
  • ...and much much more!


Click here to see the official flier of Coasterstock at Kings Island, including a full itinerary of events.  


As a reminder, you must be a member of an approved coaster club to attend, so don't forget to purchase or renew your Coaster Crew membership before it's too late!  Registration and ticket sales end April 30th at midnight, so make sure you register and purchase your tickets before it's too late!

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Two new family rides, the largest Starbucks store in the Tri-State, and other improvements are all part of Kings Island’s plan for next summer.

The first of the new rides is Woodstock Gliders, a classic flying scooters ride from Larson International. The ride features eight two-person planes that glide 28 feet above the ground. As the planes begin to rotate, they will fan out over a large area. Each plane has a stationary rear wing and a moveable front wing which allows the guest to control the flight and alter their ride experience from mild to wild.


Woodstock Gliders is similar to the Flying Eagles, a popular former Kings Island ride that entertained more than 12 million guests during its 32 years of operation from 1972 to 2004.


The second new ride is Snoopy’s Space Buggies from Zamperla, an attraction designed for children of all ages to enjoy with their parents or grandparents. Six four-seat vehicles will bounce up and down while rotating in a circle.


The new rides will be located next to each other in the 14-time, award-winning Planet Snoopy kids’ area of the park.


Starbucks will be relocated from its current location at the end of International Street to the opposite side near the front gate and expanded to 3,650 square feet, making it one of the largest Starbucks stores in the Midwest. The seating capacity of 219 will include a spacious outdoor patio that will offer a great view of the 600,000-gallon Royal Fountain and Eiffel Tower.


The International Street Fudge and Candy Shop will be renamed Sweet Spot and undergo an extensive interior and exterior redesign with new product offerings and the opportunity for guests to experience watching fudge and candy being made through large glass windows.


A new yogurt store, Yogurt Plus, will be located on International Street in the current Starbucks location, offering 18 different flavors and an endless combination of toppings including fresh cut fruits, candy, cereal, nuts, granola, and syrups.


Other International Street renovations include the Funnel Cake stand, which will allow guests to see the toppings that are available to top their fresh-fried funnel cake. Toppings will include warm blueberry and apple toppings, fresh strawberry glaze topping, and hand-scooped ice cream.


Other changes coming to the park, as well, as part of the 2015 plan include an expanded Coca-Cola Marketplace with a deeper selection of healthy food options, Coca-Cola Freestyle Café, and upgrades to the Picnic Grove area with a new entrance, improved landscaping around each of the pavilions and remodeled restroom facilities.

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