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  1. These pics are great keep them coming
  2. Ya i am going to go down on the 1st and get mine processed. I remember the opening day lines, they are crazy long.
  3. I just saw on the cam that there are 2 guys in the splashdown putting up some metal fence in it.
  4. I have also road Raging Bull at night and i loved it.
  5. Ya i never thought of that before. It is really close to the back of that building.
  6. Hey i just checked out the cam and noticed that they are working today. Must be because of the warm weather.
  7. Awesome pics. Thanks. Can anyone go on Feb. 21st or do you have to sign up?
  8. Ya this is gonna be awesome. I am an ACE member, KIC member, and a Gold passholder.
  9. I was looking forward to going on the 17th. Kinda sucks they cancelled it.
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