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  1. i can't wait to experience it!
  2. Cleo is now on the close side of the wave hill. i think we will see the start of the air time hill tomorrow weather permitting.
  3. If my eyes are right I see T bone is up and I think more track is going in.
  4. You are correct. Wave hill was up before the speed hill.
  5. T-Bone is on the move and lots of workers are now under the wave turn. We may see the approach to the air time hill done today. I however doubt they will start anything this late thought.
  6. They are either done for the day or about to move into a new position.
  7. I think if my eyes are correct the speed hill is done. now moving into the under the wave hill supports.
  8. If we only had someone new who could fly with out pilot guy!!?? I volunteer myself if the pilot wants to take a trip AROUND KI. Not over or in!
  9. Oh no! Why is that? I am just not a fan of spinny rides / rides that are constantly put up and torn down.
  10. I would give up all hope for humanity. I don't ever think about it being removed because it is arguably one of the best coasters on earth. lol
  11. I love the feeling of my stomach dropping looking down that hill. I really fell in love with the front in 2000 and riding MF for the first time in the front.
  12. Front seat all day for ya boi!
  13. I think we could see the start of the air time hill before the end of the week.
  14. I think they have to cross back under the wave turn now right?
  15. Yes! it does appear it has been and its now going down the backside of the speed hill. On the way to the big ol air time hill!
  16. Fixed haha yeah i may at least try a food made with that lol
  17. 2 people were injured when the arm of the ride broke off. Warning the video is intense.
  18. Well it all started back on a cold January day. A man climbed the tower and moved the Orion cam. Therefore moving Vortex out of sight. That's how we got here.. It is semi on topic because we can still make out Vortex barely on the DB cam. It all makes sense in my head! lol
  19. I just messaged them on FB to see if they will respond.
  20. Either or. They just had a guy up there messing with the cams and the DB cam was not that bad until after that. That is why I think they put something on the lens or the outside of the cover to make it look this way. No biggie. They would never actually show the live demo of Vortex on a webcam imo.
  21. ^^ I'd like to know as well. I have always loved driving past it on they way to KI. I would hate to see it leave. This makes really upset they bought those slides from Zoombezi Bay and just let them rot. You can see the slides just chilling on google maps.
  22. excuses excuses! lol Weren't the DB cam and Banshee cams there first then the MT cam later?
  23. Then why are the other cams just fine? lol
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