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  1. It’s a cost vs quality thing. If I am going to spend $45, I expect more quality than what is shown. It has nothing to do with the individual parts, it has to do with the overall set.
  2. I’d love this!!! Doesn’t even need to revolve, just have a theme to it. I think they either need to expand the X-Base area and theme or change it to something futuristic. Either would work. KI needs more indoor seating options, or at least well covered and maintained options for the days it’s not so nice out, or it’s hot and humid, aka all summer in Cincinnati. When we dined at the diner in Coney Mall and it was raining, there was water pouring through the numerous holes in the canopy. Not what I want when I am trying to eat!!!
  3. The difference here is the the “quality” part. Legos are quality items and there’s a huge amount of engineering that goes into each one. I love the Technic series because of what they do. Always have since I was a teenager, so if I’m building something, it’s usually one of those. I have spent entire weekends, building powered tow trucks that have the electric motors as well as the pneumatic systems onboard.
  4. It wouldn’t be a big deal around here. Pittsburgh is far enough away. The bigger problem is if they bought Kennywood, they would have to battle with Hersheypark for visitors. 3 hours is a little too close for comfort.
  5. That makes it even worse. Because it’s no longer just not a “no” it’s now a “H*ll No!” Talk about overpriced crap.
  6. They should sell a simpler and cheaper kit with just the track, track supports, cars and directions. My children already own 80 million legos. Not like I need more of a ripoff version of those. $45- ripoff land $20 for the simpler kit - I might go for.
  7. I love finding these random theories... Found a star that is 309 light years from Earth. it's part of the Constellation Draco. The star is actually known by the name Thuban. It is also know as "Dragon's Tail". Where this gets interesting is, Thuban was the North star before Polaris was the North star. Thuban was the North Star between 4000-2000 BC. Sometime around 21000 AD, it will again be the North star. Things that make you go hmmmm.....
  8. Orion1600... Orion is 1600 light years from Earth. 1600 meters is ~5250 feet.... Orion 1600... FTW!
  9. Polaris is 430 light years from earth. Polaris430... our coaster will only be a lift hill and a drop. Record setting!!
  10. I don’t think they can anymore. Vortex is right near there as well as an access road. They could always fake it like Disney, where it’s just concrete basins everywhere.
  11. Let’s be realistic here— besides us, the GP that is the 99% of KI on a daily basis isn’t going to know the difference or the stats on a new coaster or care for that matter. A new ride is a new ride and new experience to them. Something new will always draw the masses. We are the 1%ers. Only we will know the specs, the enthusiasts feeling towards the ride overall, and what a limited few think of it. That’s it. I don’t care what someone posts on Reddit comparing CP to KI. They will never be as a good as us. We don’t have to worry about them only installing a coaster every year to try to outpace another park. We actually get other decent rides and experiences. KI actually has a “feel” to it. Always have, always will.
  12. I agree with this. The Tomb Raider theming was so far above anything we had previously seen or seen since. It was over the top for a regional park. Exact replicas from the movie, electronic sliding doors, videos and statues, etc. They spent big $ on that theming. I loved FoF back in the day. The looping video that made sense and the effects inside the UFO were great!
  13. I suspect Mason has the full set of plans. However, if there were an “error” or some other issue, the additional plans could be held back, seeking further review and clarification. If that’s the case, then only approved parts would be public, like footer plans and nothing else. I suspect we will see electrical, plumbing, drainage and the rest of the footers next, before we see layouts and elevations.
  14. I find the name “Project X” hilarious, since it’s in X-base. Also, I am starting to think that Orion and Polaris will be similar to the Diamondback naming. Similar idea, just not exactly those. Maybe something like Great Northern Huntsman or something like that, which would fit perfect next to The Beast. EDIT: Too many documents... I have no idea which item people are talking about... Blueprints vs footer plans vs leaked layout... getting crazy around here!
  15. That’s my guess as well. Mason doesn’t seem to have a building department that wants to take on more than fences/pools/signs/etc, which in essence makes them a zoning department.
  16. Except that’s not the case here. Each County is ultimately responsible for it. In Hamilton County all unincorporated areas are covered as well as 6 cities that opt to contract for service. Reading through the Mason website, I suspect that is true as well. Building departments are expensive to run, since you have to have all the necessary inspectors as well.
  17. That’s not entirely true. A city doesn’t have to have a building department, in which case the county is responsible. It’s similar to not having a zoning department.
  18. In medieval Muslim astronomy, Orion was known as al-jabbar, "the giant".[13] Orion's sixth brightest star, Saiph, is named from the Arabic, saif al-jabbar, meaning "sword of the giant". So we can have The Giant to keep The Beast company... [emoji848]
  19. That isn't how this works. Private land or not, you still have to file permits to build anything. It's illegal to put new steps or a deck on the back of your home, which is on private land without a permit. They have building departments that are very strict about these items now, due to the tragedies that have occurred in the past. See how many of these related to mass deaths from structural collapse or from fires.
  20. nice... why did you stop at 415, might as well go for the gusto...
  21. According to the bit.ly expander as well as a short URL checker, there is no in-between address, meaning that the long URL is the one in there. I'm looking for all of those items and so far, coming up short.
  22. Agree. My other thought is, if this is real, there should be document approvals that show up on this page. We should be able to see construction approvals or denials and supporting documents in the coming days. It's worth monitoring.
  23. Agree. I'm looking through the page source for the smoking gun and nothing yet. Usually you can find a redirect. I am 50/50 on this one. It could be an unlisted/unsearchable page on their website. Since they have to post stuff like that, technically it is posted, even if people can't see it. EDIT: If it's fake, this person has a much bigger problem on their hands. Very illegal to imitate a government agency. I don't have an issue ratting someone out.
  24. Just because you can’t find it now, doesn’t make it fake. It could have been removed after being mistakenly posted.
  25. Yup, that’s my thought. If it’s not named Orion, I suspect we could see named trains, or maybe we’ll get the first dueling Giga ever!!!! Orion vs. Polaris in the Galaxy Chaser Express!!!! [emoji848][emoji23]
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