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  1. I haven’t seen anything good come from an SF park. I look at KK and what went on there. I figure a long time before we see another ride or coaster. This is going to kill KI. We’ll get copycat coasters and rides, not truly original stuff.
  2. I’ve never seen the water behind Octoberfest that blue, it’s always just brown…
  3. I wonder if “Soul” is more about maintaining the existing rides they have. Getting into the “Soul” of them and making minor changes, or in some cases major ones to really get the rides where they need to be, to continue to pull people in well into the future. I think of the work that has been done on Racer and the current work that is being done on Beast. I think all coasters and rides have souls, even though they aren’t really living things. I think COVID has caused a major financial disruption in a lot of things. If you start looking at delays in raw materials and price increases, it may be beyond 2025 before we see anything significant in terms of a major new attraction.
  4. It’s not. It’s literally barn plans I found online. A finished building in this style would be Duluth Trading in West Chester. So I guess we are getting the best emporium ever…
  5. The clip at the top of the blueprint reminds me of this roof shape. It’s called a “Monitor” style roof. It’s not uncommon for any variety of buildings, not just barns.
  6. It's definitely becoming a weekend evening problem. We don't go to the park on weekends because of the larger crowds alone. If this keeps up, I hope they just go ahead and post a curfew after 4:00PM. No more lone teens in the park. I'm sure Mason and other jurisdictions aren't pleased about what continues to happen.
  7. I’m thinking it is what they said it was. Delirium work, maybe the lift belt or boats in Congo falls, if Skyflyer needed work you’d definitely need a crane, or something with Invertigo at the top of the hills. I doubt we see anything this year and probably next year as well. It will be sometime this summer before life resumes most normalcy in over a year. I’m not just talking about Ohio, I mean everywhere.
  8. I doubt it. It looks similar to the same security fencing around other rides. Perimeter roads for maintenance purposes only.
  9. Using Verizon and iPhone Xs, it always works at KI, even when it is busy. Yes, there are extra public safety only items on my plan.
  10. Cheap inflatable crap nobody wants to see or use...Noted! Tickets will probably jump $10 for nothing.
  11. I think that it depends upon how the sun hits them and how the camera then translates the image. Sometimes they look lighter, sometimes they are darker.
  12. Thank the warm Winter this year. Usually, it’s bitter cold at this point.
  13. I think part of the problem with this is, the timing is ridiculously suspect. Most places wait until they have lengthy downtime for these type of upgrades. I think we should change the title of this to Webcam Outrage Discussion...
  14. As long as you link the camera DDNS or IP back to the webpage, it works. Had there been some kind of considerable website update or revamp, that would have been a sound justification. But that didn’t happen. Also, it would have been much easier to tell everyone that the website was going down for an update/overhaul. But instead they used “camera software upgrade” as a crutch.
  15. I think the reference that there is a time-lapse, makes it worse from a PR perspective. They said cameras were going down for a software upgrade. If that were true, there wouldn’t be any camera footage at all, especially not a time-lapse. Now you have to play damage control, because of the lie. Don’t lie to the media and the GP. It doesn’t end well.
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