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  1. wow thats a lot of info............my dad used to tell me about the monarail and the zoo part
  2. yea i love how they were raving about The Beast......to bad for those long line people who gave bad reviews
  3. YES, IJST has food restraints..........yes you are very low in the seats in FOF...........who ever that was sont start with SOB it is not getting taken down--------it could be that FOF has all those sudden turns and stuff
  4. why are the height requirements different for FoF and IJST? same restraints and basically same train 48" for IJST 54" for FoF some explanation?
  5. im am a Cedar Point fan and we (other fans and sites) all agree that a new coaster will be in the WWL area and possibaly dual flyers or floorless coaster
  6. they should open up a new section of the park behind SOB's helix and by the remains of KC...........i would just wana go back there for the sights!
  7. dont worry, they have alot of land left way back behind Psyco Path
  8. so its Wite Water Canyon with squirters attatched to it?.........other boats around you? Man it sonuds ok, but if there werent any other boats around.........that would be retarted.........just squirting things around you yea thats retarted.................if there were litle targets like SD&HM that would be ok
  9. they have some sweet slides that go in n out the hotel.......costs alot to go though............very sweet some have those state of the art coaster water slides
  10. we need a non Paramount ride like a steel Beast
  11. floorless or flying would be verry nice-----not that i want Vortex to go
  12. when ever the other parks get a new "sig attraction" like Volcano, BORG, SOB, w/e at PCW and demon and others at PGA they all kinda get their new great attraction within three years
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