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  1. with dark rides, it's not always about capacity. sometimes its about the experiance, which some seem to forget. as for the laser guns, that is something that is in most of todays dark rides that some feel should never be there. just imagine if enchanted voyage, smurf enchanted voyage, phantom theater, monster plantation, monster mansion, or even splash mountain had been equiped with laser guns. I agree with rotag!
  2. This whole DA thing is starting to remind of Jurassic Park at IOA ...on very smaller scale..It's gonna be pretty cool. I doubt I will do it..because it seems like everything is a ''pay-as-you-play attraction'' in KI anymore. I go for the coasters and sometimes I stay with kids and let them have their fun. Still good coverage here on KIC.
  3. Ugh...NO! I strongly dislike this! I'm not to happy with CF owning the former paramount park chain..I and my family would much rather have Spongebob Squarepants and Scooby-Doo back in the park. Sure Peanuts are awesome but some little kids have no CLUE who lucy or linus are.
  4. I HATE upcharge attractions!!! Kings Island charges enough for parking and food(Which is why I go to Taco Bell)..and admission if you aren't a pass holder! I'm a grouch on this topic..I mean the dinos heads and tails move that's about it. Sure, It'll be cool but I don't like the idea of paying 5 bucks for that!...But I will.. just one time.. just to see what it's like. But I most of the time skip upcharge attractions(They SUCK!)..here's hoping the T-Rex doesn't break out and cause chaos in park midway.I seen something like this a while ago at the Boonshoft Museum Of Discovery in Dayton,Ohio. I hate UPCHARGE ATTRACTIONS!
  5. Here is a video from another "Dinosaurs Alive." It shows some examples. Thanks for that! Very cool.
  6. Very GROOVY indeed! So, will this be like the Wild Thornberry's Rainforest Insect Adventure from 2000? Sounds awesome..wonder which dinosaur species will be at the park..sounds like a Jurassic Park Jr to me. Looking forward to it.
  7. I wonder what it could be!?!?! I wonder if it's a movie for the F/X theater? We will find out tomorrow!
  8. Not really looking forward to this... I hate to say it...but I DO miss paramount! I miss the themes! and the dark ride that replaced SDATHC is just plain sad.
  9. I haven't been in the Action Theater in years! I can say the kids and I are sorely upset that Scooby-Doo isn't the park.Getting ask ''Where's Scooby-Doo?" a thousand time during you trip to Kings Island can get a little frustrating. Even when you explain and they still ask! What is playing in the theater these days?
  10. Whoa! WindSeeker is gonna be EPIC! Cannot wait to ride it in the summer of 2011!
  11. PpppFFFTT...DB..Don't make me laugh... The Beast is one BEAUTIFUL coaster and even better at night.
  12. I can say I am sadden and disgusted with Boo Blasters! I really tried to like it but the kids HATE IT! They kept asking Where's scooby? Where's shaggy? I really am upset over this trash of a dark ride.Scooby-Doo and The Haunted Castle was family friendly Boo Blasters is NOT! I find it funny how they say it's not in Planet Snoopy when the ride is ON the kiddie side of the park.Planet Snoopy is awesome CF did a great job on it and it's themed very well. Sorry but Boo Blasters is an Epic Fail! and an and epic atrocious fail at that! Why couldn't they have themed the new dark ride to snoopy?!?
  13. It looks like a true terrain coaster to me! Other then that the ride experience would be much better without the rose bowl. No aching pains! I never had any pains of any kinda while riding Son of Beast. I just hope they fix whatever is wrong I really enjoy the coaster and am looking forward to the season to start!
  14. I miss King Cobra so much! I would ride every trip to the park.
  15. Zoinks! This news makes me happy that I was only planning on visiting the park at least twice this season! I love Son of Beast always have and am kinda upset over it not being open this season. Planet Snoopy is great and all it's coming along nicely but I wanna take the kids to a park with cartoon character they know and love and honestly can relate to!
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