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  1. I know two paramount parks are getting Boomerang Bay Expansions.
  2. I wonder if the park will be open in Nov?
  3. No I was refering to the blood and gore when I said ''that crap'' as a dad I dont want my kids seeing that if you are a father I'm sure you would understand... I dont mind Pumpkins,bats, etc. those are the thing I LOVE about halloween I just dont like the blood and gore to me blood and gore has nothing to do with halloween.I was just saying that 2003's FearFest was more family-friendly than others no need to get huffy.
  4. I Understand why paramount made FearFest family-friendly in 2003 I know I dont want my kid seeing that crap and I'm glad it stayed in the haunted houses.( No offense to those of you that attend fearfest) I wish Cedar Fair would make FearFest like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween at WDW that way the whole family could attend it in the evening hours.
  5. People never stop surprising me the stupid crap they do.
  6. Well I was sitting in the doctors office yesterday and I had my Kings Island Scooby-Doo Shirt I got last time on and a little boy came up to me and said '' I wuv scooby'' and I said I do too. Yeah I think he is up there in the popular ranks I mean he is always on Cartoon Network I guess it depends on what the parents let there kids watch and the kids age how old were these kids haunt guy? But king bowser is right there is a new scooby cartoon coming out on the CW network my son who is (7) is looking forward to it.
  7. A lot of people had to have liked it... they wouldn't keep it around so long if that weren't the case. FYI, Its not so much that people liked it its the fact that Paramount Parks own Spongebob 3D the first 2 years it did pretty well long lines but looks like crap now-I'm sure most families will venture to the other side-side B to check of Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera it ran from 1990-2002 and was HUGELY popular at Univeral Studios Florida...I think Jimmy Neutron will replace Spongebob 3D just wait and watch for it.
  8. ^ More so you've got the right idea.Cant wait til the area starts coming to together..are they takin out Chick-Fil-a?
  9. Remember The Addams Family Coaster Concept was the highest rated concept and the project is in the developmental stages...you never know what could happen.
  10. I really hope paramount parks play the pre-show to The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera the pre-show was so cool!
  11. Meh! It will always be known as boulder bumpers to us ''older'' Kings Island fans but I like the new name.
  12. ^ Well said but I REALLY dont want to see Ceder Fair get a hold of the park chain I for one dont care for Cedar Fair & their parks.
  13. carnival rides?? NU's rides arent what you think they are they wont fold up they will be bolted etc.. they are perment attractions.
  14. ^ Yeah I agree some of the stuff MTV has on tv is some really stupid stuff ..Soundwave is fine I was a lil worried because I hate MTV with a passion.
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