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  1. Wounded if they could move anything to Coney Mall at Kings Island. Someone said the light house and maybe the Moon Light Gardens sign. It’s not the same but at least with some of the old park.
  2. I happened goto Six Flags Great America this year. I was told Six Flags didn’t renew the license for Hanna-Barbera. They had a small kids area not themed anymore. So it looks like just Looney Tunes and DC.
  3. Might be a really good time to do a Happy Land of Hannah Barbera. Seems The WB Discovery needs money right now. Plus Hannah Hannah Barbera cartoons are not really being used other than Scooby-Doo.
  4. Starting to see Skyline in cans outside of Cincinnati area. So far I have spotted some in Nashville, Texas, Michigan, and Tennessee.
  5. Things I like to see yes I know it’s likely not going to happen. Return of some Hanna-Barbera characters, those fruit drinks they used to sell that looked like fruit. Special photo areas of old coasters no longer at the park.
  6. Saw the VIP area at Cedar Point this summer no one was in them. Still on the fence with renewing for next year.
  7. So what’s going on for the 50th? You think they could at least say something.
  8. The problem with dark rides they go take a lot of up keep to make sure everything works. Go ride Boo Blaster half the guns don’t work anymore. Also the effects on Mystic Timbers for some reason are gone. Kings Island does not have a good record of keeping themes working.
  9. As of Monday the 2nd of August The Beast is still down. I guess I got lucky on last Thursday and got a morning ride.
  10. Saw on scream scape today that Orion was meant for California Great America.
  11. Having a more family Halloween event during the works out great for kid to scared to goto the haunt. I don’t grandma or grandpa would like seeing the little one scared, but would rather see trick or treating.
  12. Forgot where I saw it on YouTube but their is a video showing a B&M invert called Top Gun coming to Kings Island. We got the Arrow suspended coaster.
  13. Wish they could sell classic Hanna-Barbera parking signs from when I was little.
  14. Most likely Kings Island is having trouble getting more shipped to the park. I don’t know where they are made, anything that is imported is slow right now. Just my guess
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