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  1. I for one enjoy the roughest of wooden roller coasters consistently. I'm almost 30 now though, so that is always subject to change.
  2. Looks like you got your wish. Looks like you didn't.
  3. I do recall going inside when I visited as a small boy back in 2001. Didn't buy anything, of course. We were poor. lol
  4. We're going to be seeing a lot of Arrow coasters dying this decade, I feel.
  5. It's not a good look, particularly for a ride with trains which hang from and place considerable load onto the track. The fact that it's an Arrow is also a dark mark for it. As much as it pains me, I don't see the ride lasting into the next decade. Get your rides while you can.
  6. A fez would be cool, although I'd also accept little derby hats.
  7. Indeed, I was. Minor as it may have been, such an incident is still most definitely fresh on the minds of executives.
  8. I want a bunch of roaming baboons with funny, little hats to feed me blue ice cream.
  9. I do have to wonder what happened to The Beastie's queue sign. Does anybody know if it survived to the present day?
  10. I feel so cheated, having been unable to ride the thing all three times I went in the 2000s. Too short in 2001 Was out of commission in 2006 Was out of commission in 2009 I wanted to ride it so badly.
  11. I'm gonna guess it was some uncredited intern put through a filter, but I could be wrong. What I'd really love is a clean copy of the stock music they used in the Coastermania VHS tape.
  12. As much as it hurts me to say this, I could easily see The Bat being the next one to go. Given the incident that happened recently, along with its age and location, it seems like it could be very lucrative for the installation of a new attraction. It'll always be Top Gun to me. As far as what I'd be comfortable to see go though, I'd say Congo Falls or Invertigo have both reached the point of being liabilities. What helps their case, however, is that removal of either one wouldn't really open up that much room to work with for the park, outside of a flat ride or two, which I would also be happy with.
  13. Been getting some General Motors vibes from CF this past year. I am nervous about what rides may come to be the Pontiac or Oldsmobile of Kings Island.
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