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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. The Asylum almost made me have a frikkin seizure, it wasnt that i was scared because there were monsters. But I was scared cus i felt like passing out.... Plus, there were like 500 people in that small building, and the stupid ghouls didnt tell anyone the way out, so we were all backed up into a corner.... Then a frikkin fire drill that saved my life.... Deffinately visit the Asylum if you wanna pass out.
  2. You might be a PKI Addict if you go to the Showcase by Kings Island, see a terrible movie that runs long enough for it to turn 10 o'clock and run outside to hug your girlfriend while watching the fireworks (True Story) Love You FOF CREW 06! Leaving you was my Biggest Mistake ever!
  3. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-2279031,00.html
  4. Those Brakes have always been there..... Unloading Delay
  5. Does Anyone know what they require you to do at the Audition?
  6. Im not sure Parents would stand in line to get their kids wristbands when they know they can just get one at Greeter spots. I know i wouldn't.
  7. Action Theaters requirement is 44", i think she would have to sit in the motionless seats, but she could still watch the show. Im not to sure about Adventure Express, i think their Height Requiremmnt is a Minimum to ride, im not sure i remember a chaperone rule for Express.
  8. I feel sorry for the Ride Ops. I would not have known what to do in a situation like that. I love the footage on http://wcpo.com its like they find the most uneducated 12 year olds to give a statement. Truly amusing.
  9. I worked F/O for my Open Shift this morning, and let me tell you i was almost run over by the stampede that followed when the ropes were dropped. A good couple Hundred people came running down to stand in line. Face Off or Flight of Fear, but seein as your prolly gonna be closer to F/O its prolly a good idea to start over there in Action Zone and then head on over to Old Coney.
  10. I have a Simple Solution to this problem or any other problems the park has in the vandalism or Smoking Dept. Tazers! Arm all Associates with Tazers, i bet in a weeks time we wont have any more problems, cus i personally would Taze anyone i saw even looking like they were gonna spit. Word would spread quickly that All Associates carry Tazers and the world would be a better place. Thanks to Me
  11. People are stupid. Someone lit up inside the Flight of Fear Hanger today as well. I wish PKI would enforce this rule, i'm a smoker and I don't have any problem using the smoking areas. I've seen quite a few people walk right by employees and security smoking, and no one said a word to them. I think i was driving at the time when the person lit up inside the Hangar. The problem with us workers is, is we dont know how to POLITELY tell someone that they cant smoke here, but they can somewhere else. People on a whole like to make scenes for absolutely no reason when proven wrong in publ
  12. I like to chew gum, as a teenager myself, But i wouldnt ever spit it out onto the ground when im done chewing a piece. As for spitting? I dont do that at all, its disgusting and vile, We could all do without viewing someone hawk their loogie onto the floor and then having to step over it. Thats what we should have, special areas where people who need to spit can go. ''Spitting Only Area" nevermind smoking, the sound alone of someone about to spit is enough to peel my toe nails off.
  13. I wish we could do that, have an age limit to our ride.... It should be 18, although ive seen some fairly older people spitting as they walk into the line, or as they get off the ride. But its not like i can hand it back to them like when they drop a cup, or tear a map up into pieces. Its not like we have to get on our hands and knees and scrub till you can see your reflection in the floor but we do mop and sweep etc. And yeah, we stay on the clock to clean, part of the job. We need one of those Budweiser real american heroe commercials for our crew ''Mr Gumremovalexpertmopinsweepin baaa
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