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  1. The Almanac weather for this time frame.
  2. ^ Plenty of people there know how to do it. The entertainment department has plenty of techs who know those things. It is not that big of a deal.
  3. You have one more cent than me I only have one lol
  4. I did not say it was but as we all know guests do not read signs and sometimes you have to give explanation. And when a guest is just told to turn around it would have been appropriate to explain why so they understand. Once again it is about the patron employee relationship.
  5. I do not have that problem. This is a brand new laptop so maybe that is why but the site is not graphic or even flash heavy.
  6. How would that make your puter crash? I suspect there is an issue inside the puter
  7. So are many other such as Haunt, Just posted something here cause this is where it belongs.
  8. Maybe KI is going green. conservation of energy. I have heard of stranger things
  9. About a cookout at a friends in Cincinnati. Sorry, have someone talking in my ear, phone is ringing and I had several pages up on puter. Phone was for the cookout and someone pm'd me asking about what I think was going to happen in 2011 at CF parks.. All this while I was posting.
  10. It did, sorry I was posting in two forums and got my wires crossed I was talking about something else in 11 days. Ha! I was a study hall major
  11. Yes it is , seriously though they will never give away free sodas. So a price reduction would be great! I wonder what the actual profit is for a Coke
  12. Announcing in eleven days what the new item for 2011 will be, per Facebook
  13. Looks like Mr. Kinzel should rethink his pricing strategy. You are right about that for sure. I do nto suspect KI or any CF park will ever give away free sodas and that is fine by me. But if they would drop the price a few bucks. **sighs**
  14. Not to mention that just cause the elevators would be inoperable does not mean the tower would be dismantled. I can imagine the hostility of people if the tower ever was to leave the beloved park, public outcry would be off the chart.
  15. That mini tower will always be there at least in all of our life time I bet.
  16. And not to mention when someone hurls on another they give out free tshirts to the involved parties, they do not have to do that either. I think on this point CF is very wise.
  17. It is a tad bit cramped up there. How tall are you? I am 5' 9" and it is tight for me.
  18. However KIBOB this is not the same KI that was once in its limelight, from the start there have been several owners each having new ideas and such, some successful some not as much. Everything changes in life. A Theme Park is a place where the park itself, along with the lands and rides in the park are built to tell a story. The story should fully immerse you into the environment it creates with little to no reference of the outside world. The best example are the Disney Parks. Each park has it's own story, the lands in each park have their own story, and each ride has a story starting from the moment you enter the line. Disney also does a good job with making sure you can't see outside the park, letting guests forget about the problems of the outside world, and just have fun. An Amusement park is a place where the point is just to really thrill you. Rides are placed with no real thought of theme or story. The outside world can usually be seen from several points in the park. An example of this is pretty much every Six Flags and Cedar Fair parks.
  19. I agree however Cf is not inetrested in a theme park, they want an amusement park. I will always love the Paramount days but that is just me.
  20. Think about it. The rides are outside, many many people ride them everyday with dirty hands and they grab on to the bars which grinds it in more. Think about your home. It gets dirty correct? Dust particles, sweat and more causes crude. I am sure it is not grease from the maint. men...lol... Also think about a car. If you never ever washed it it pretty much would look like crap after a few years. Do they clean them like they should? Prolly not.
  21. Um yep dirt and wear and tear. Can you imagine the bacteria on such a thing. Thousands of people ride each day many not washing hands or anything, kinda gross when you think about it. That is while Purplehaze always has a small bottle of hand sanitizer in his camera bag
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