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  1. Sorry if this has been previously asked - are the neck gaiter style masks acceptable in the park? I will be going tomorrow. Thanks!
  2. That's because they're going to use the lift hill structure for the next coaster! (sorry, just had to...)
  3. Imagine the mess they would have to clean up if the entire Son of Beast roller coaster was literally demolished with a wrecking ball. I'm not in the industry, but it seems dismantling it would be both safer and easier. Dismantling in an orderly fashion vs knocking the structure down into splinters and nails and bolts to go recover. Maybe someone who actually knows will chime in, because I'd like to find out actually Actually asked Don Helbig about the removal plan during the backstage Beast tour. He said it would basically come down the same way that it went up - section by section.
  4. Oh, I definitely thought "SOB." Repeatedly. Interpret that how you will. You see Don on a video and you think SOB? Terpy, running for the door (Sorry, Don, I just HAD to) I definitely thought of SOB too since they used a Blair Witch Project theme on the orginal promo CD back in 1999....but still don't see them making a big deal about this coaster...or even attempting to bring it back to life again. Though I definitely wouldn't complain if they did....miss that loud chain lift and first drop! So, if they would remove the rose bowl and build something more exciting it could actually be a good coaster.
  5. While I would LOVE to hear that Son of Beast will be coming back - in my humble opinion it would be in poor taste to announce on March 18th that it will be re-opened in the future - during the same month that a court case is being heard again as a result of the injuries sustained while riding it.
  6. Thought I would share a funny dream - totally unrealistic - but fun! I dreamed that modern technology solved any and all issues that was suffered by The Bat back in the early 80's. So, KI decided to remove The Vortex and rebuild The Bat in it's original location - exactly the way that it was. Since that would make Flight Deck obsolete - they removed it and put in another awesome B & M coaster.
  7. Just checked the Kings Island website and SOB has been removed from the Thrill Ride list. Interesting, because I thought at most they would simply put a caption that the ride would not be operating in 2010. Anyway...just an FYI
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned on here - but I have heard from a good source that the two trains used on SOB have already been sold and left the park late last year. So, unless new trains are on the way (Timberliners?), I think the answer on whether it will be operating this season or not has already been made.
  9. Well...CRAP! I knew I should have went back alittle later to check. Oh well...I'll be back next wknd!
  10. I was there last night and just as I was getting ready to ride they halted operation for at least 10 minutes while they retired one of the trains. It was only 11pm. After my ride I went back 10 minutes later and people in line told me that they were in the process of retiring another one. There was already a considerable line for a Friday evening, so curious as to why they would go down to one train with closing time still almost two hours away? I figured that once they did that the line would be extremely slow - so I went over for a couple of rides on SOB and hung out at Club Blood! :0
  11. I am planning to head down to KI tomorrow. I had always thought that weekends were the worst, but I was talking with one of the train operators while there last week and they said that Sundays are not that bad as far as attendance. So, since I've already used quite a bit of vacation time for weekday trips, I'm going to give a Sunday visit a try. If anyone recognizes me from my photo then be sure to say hello....I'm usually hanging out either at The Beast or Son of Beast!!
  12. On one of my recent visits, while in line for The Beast, a girl in front of me asked if there were creatures that jumped out at you during the ride. (pointing to the sign in the station that reads: "Warning - The Beast - attacks likely".
  13. I'm suprised to hear that the park wasn't too crowded on Saturday. I have typically avoided Sat/Sun during June thru August for fear of the lines being way too long.
  14. I remember that there was an event on a Saturday last summer that included a "backstage" tour of The Beast. Can someone tell me what that was and if there will be another one scheduled this summer? thanks!
  15. I have been to the park 5 times this season, but just noticed this for the first time on Friday. Could have been the way the sun was hitting it...but I noticed this on the track that you go upon after coming out of the first drop. There are numerous additional metal supports under the track that are a 'brick red' color. Makes you wonder if Cedar Fair is trying to do more and more to make the ride either safer, smoother or both. Is this something that has been added recently?
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