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  1. Ahhh sounds like my old coaster still beats the **** out of people on a daily basis.... HAHA
  2. Wow, i have been gone for like 2/3 months and delerium is still dead??? that must have sucked for the whole DSS crew
  3. Kat_RPW_employee wow, you are my new best friend
  4. The park needs to put something at the freakin ENTRANCE OF THE PARK. Every time i tell a guest about it, they say they know you can't smoke in lines for rides but why not in the park, theres no sign or anything telling anyone of the new rule. Yea sure its in the park maps but not very many people use those things, since most the guests we get on a regular basis know were everything is because they are season pass holders. Oh just a side note, I'm still against this whole thing and i think its bull crap
  5. I knew this would happen. People still smoke where they want, and your right most employees dont say anything to them. But i have been sitting in a designated smoking area or 2 this season and i will ask a fellow smoker how they feel about and the answer i have got the most is " I dont understand how they can ban smoking in open air. On top off that they make us all huddle together in these little areas like we are ON DISPLAY or something for the pleasure of the public." That was from an 83 Year old man that was beyond confused and thourghly ****ed off at PKI for making a smoking ban. That is all. Oh, and since most of you guys on this forum were all for the smoking ban, how bout next time when your in the park you walk up to a group of 2 or more people smoking and try and tell them that they arent aloud to smoke in open air, that they have to go to a marked off area of the park.
  6. I was working Zoom that day in HB, and i got to see it up close, it was so beautiful.
  7. I agree with Ariel. Completely. Because i have only seen this "legendary" enthusiam from The Beast crew ONCE. They aren't happy all the time theres no way its possible. Like ariel said, they just get more because its Beast, which isn't right but, its what the guests do so whatever. Those employees that don't like there job, dont do there job, aren't enthusiastic about it, or who "gab" about stuff they aren't supposed too, you as a guest probably will only see them once or twice this year, because they got F-I-R-E-D. So keep in mind for later this year, when you see employees, food, eco, or rides (thats me), just remember there is a reason they are still there so late in the season, they are a good employee
  8. Havent tried the starbucks yet, its way to hot. On Saturday though i did go to graeters and it was worth 5 bucks for a double dip cookies and creme in a waffle cone.
  9. I hate to bash, but yet again, i think your a moron. What else is tabacco used for besides smoking. Name one thing for me.
  10. Good, im surprised no one has tried to sue a salt company for high cholesteral, or high blood pressure
  11. Smoking isnt natural.....???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I had no idea the tabacco plant was a man made seed. Oh and familyman, it did take scientists and doctors to figure out that smoking was bad for you what do you think all the clinical studies and experiments were for? Just to use government money? And the whole fat arguement, as funny and sarcastic as it is, its justified. If the government , businesses, etc. are so worried about the wellbeing of everyone, which is the number one cause of the smoking bans, because it benefits everyone as a whole ( shouldnt smokers be included in this? Apparently not.) then they should quit selling fatty foods, because obesity is a much LARGER problem than smoking. Its been proven. But yet there are no laws on people going to Burger king and eating 2 double whoppers with cheese, large fries, and a Coke.
  12. On the contrary, I think most people would still dish out the prices. Would they smoke less? Likely. I did my trip to New York, and you were right. I bought ciggarettes before i left but ended up running out and i broke down and bought a pack. It was $6.62, wasnt as high as i thought it would be for a pack of malboro reds, but Newports were almost $9 a pack.
  13. dxrunner

    Drop Zone

    Thats the first post of yours that i have read and havent said wow what a goofball. I like the idea
  14. Retarded is the word i was thinking...the bad part is, there will be like 3 or 4 more threads about Nick being at the park this year, amoung other celebs.
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