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  1. Just letting everyone know that the next lift hill segment has been installed. I can't upload the pic (at work), but you can check it out on the webcam.
  2. I went to the park today for the first time since DB was announced and construction really picked up and I was suprised at how tall the brake run starts out. I only wish I was in the area to see them lift the track, I was too busy grabbing a quick ride after watching a mass exodus of the Firehawk queue because of a "major" technical issue that might take a very long time to fix (all of about 15 min). Those pictures are great!
  3. Not sure If I'm catching the drift but are you referring to Hypersonic??? I have to say it's either going to be a Drop Tower or a water ride not made for Splahin' Safari.
  4. Eye witnesses as well as pictures confirmed that a cable snapped in two. Upstop, the rides brakes are magnetic and can only fail in the event of the Earth's magnetic poles switching. There are cables that bring the car up to the top of the tower, an most likely, the cable that snapped was on the same vehicle. Those cables are under intense tension and if it snapped, it is highly probable that the cable shot down underneath the car and unfortunately came in contact with the young girl. With regards to DZ at KI, if any of the cables did snap, the seats are far enough away to more than likely n
  5. I didn't see anything gruesome in the video, unless you are referring to the accident in general. This is so terrible, I just don't understand what happened, and to think about the people that had witness this. There must be many like the woman at the end of the WLKY story.
  6. Trust me, Disney, Universal, and the like don't escape from dumb people wanting attention. I really don't get too worked up about stuff like this. Sure it's unsettling to hear about, but that won't stop me from venturing out to parks the next day. I choose not to live in fear and if something does happen when I'm in the wrong spot at the wrong time, atleast I was out there, not worrying about something going wrong at the time.
  7. I haven't been to SFKK since summer of last year (i worked there) but from what I've heard, the park really looks good and is becoming very respectable. I love the enthusiasm of the new GM, he will go so far as to give helpful tips and information on coaster forums. I really like the direction the park is taking. In terms of ride heights, SFKK can build up to around 200 ft in some parts of the park. They used to have a Sling Shot ride a couple of years back, and the ball would reach somewhere around 240-60 ft. Everytime it launched past 200ft high a blip on the airports radar would appear so
  8. ^^Actually what you are seeing is the spaces that X-Flight went around. You can see that where the coaster actually was is still dirt. It's a shock to see two coaster's go from a park in one season, even if it does bring one closer my way. Hopefully this will turn the park back towards it's glory days.
  9. The one thing I do not like about the first couple of weeks after a tragedy is that the media jumps on every little story that talks about someone doing something similiar. And people try to capitalize on it too. One thing I noticed is that the day or two after the VT shooting, there were news story's everywhere about bomb threats at colleges. Even though those aren't very common, I'm sure they happen pretty much all throughout the year. But they rarely make the news, except for recently. I feel like all of this reporting takes away from what actually happened and with all of this reporting pe
  10. Starting out, the ride was red, a light one (to be exact, coral red) but still distinguishably red. It just happened to fade faster since it was a lighter and so you get a bunch of pinkish looking pics of the track. Anyway if you want a major coaster with pink track in America, all you have to do is look at X. Although some might claim it is purple. Anyway, when I first heard the name Firehawk, I pictured neon orange, or keeping it green. Oh well, at least it isn't that horrid primer color.
  11. The rust red is the primer. The actual red looks pretty nice imo....but I think the green was F'N Amazing! But hey, at least the color isn't doo doo brown/green.
  12. Even though I didn't like the idea of Firehawk going from that awesome green to red, the final red color looks pretty nice. You can see it in this pic.
  13. Just that one side, unless there is a bigger problem with the ride.
  14. Yeah, that was Stealth's video, you can tell because those are corkscrews, not in-line twists at the end.
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