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  1. I have noticed this but when it reopened back on the 4th they would let you but since it closed then opened back up again they wont let you and i dont understand why because what is the point of having the bins there if you cant put loose articles in them.

  2. Back in like 2000 i got stuck with my mom and dad on Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal before the final drop for about 45 minutes due to a technical problem in the station and then on Sunday my cousin and I got the first train of the day on SoB along with two other people and an employee who was test riding and we got stuck on the midway brakes after the rose bowl for 10-15 minutes due to something going wrong in the station.

  3. I'll be there tomorrow and i'll get there at 9:30 when the gates open so i can make sure when they drop the ropes at 10:00 i can get the first ride of the day. Now i wonder how this will spread all the park guests around since every ride in the park is open and how long will the lines be for DZ, SoB, and Firehawk. I'll try to see tomorrow how the lines were for all 3 rides and ill post how long they were tomorrow night.

  4. will it be by wednesday because thats when im going if it gets openplease post it

    Me too im going on Wednesday also and want it open

    Boddah said in another thread that it should be open by Friday, so does he know something we don't?

    Boddah could know something we dont because remember he did get an email from Don Helbig saying SoB had reopened when it did back on Thursday and it also said that DZ wont be long so maybe he has an exact date but was asked not to tell us until it does open.

  5. When was it running?? I was at the park from 12-5 today. I know most of that time period was filled with down pours and lighting so oh well I guess I missed it once again.. :(

    If I remember right it opened between 11 and 11:15 because i rode it at like 20 after 11 and there was barely a line for it and it stayed open until the down pours and lightning came through then opened back up around 5:45, 6PM.

  6. Where is the best seat?

    If you want the smoothest seat then you want in one of the last two cars IMO but either way it would be a lot smoother then the front and you may feel like you are going a little bit faster also.

    If you only got one ride though, how do we know that the front isn't smoother then it was last week?

    Thats why i will be there tomorrow to try it again a few more times i would've rode it at least one more time but we had like a three hour rain delay and then i was really mad because when i had to leave that was when they opened the rides back up and i had the feeling that would happen to.

  7. I was at the park today and rode it for the second time this year and the back is smoother then the front and the whole overall ride felt a lot better then when i rode the first time a couple weeks ago so maybe the week, week and a half of maintnence on the trains did some good because the rose bowl even seemed really smooth.

  8. Also, I wonder how many people when they ride SoB and are complaining about injury are stupidly raising there arms. Proper posture, which INCLUDES holding on is key to an enjoyable and pain free ride.

    How is raising your arms in the dictionary of improper posture. I rode with the supposed proper posture by holding on and i did not have so much of an enjoyable ride and it wasnt anywhere close to a pain free ride but if i would've had my hands up i may have had a better ride experience on SoB.

  9. There is no minimum age, all kids under 13 must be accompanied by a responsible person preferably over 18. We are not babysitters.

    That is awesome i am turning 14yrs old on 8-1-07 :DB) I am short so no making fun of me LOL

    I have also already RSVPed

    how tall are you?

    I am 4ft. 11in. or 5ft. I don't know exactly

    That sucks although i do know a girl in my school that is the same height but she is like 16 and my sister is 19 and she is probably only 5ft. 6in. and im 13 standing over her at 6ft. so its not too bad to see someone that age with that height

  10. Why would Disney even be intrested in CF? Sure, having more parks to sell what Disney has to offer sounds great, but I would also have to think that it has the potential to take guests away from Florida.

    Why travel to Florida when you can stay in Cincinnati and still experiance Disney?

    The whole idea is a bit of a stretch.

    People go down to Florida to see what all they have down there and not up here like im sure they wouldnt build an animal kingdom type adventure at KI and if they see people staying in Cincinnati they would think of a way to either get people back down to Florida or have us pay a little extra although we wouldnt be happy i can see them doing something like this after all no matter what prices jump every year at the park

  11. I went today, hopping to ride the new SoB, and we walk up and theres a nice big sign saying repair work is being done on it and is unlikely to open today....very dissapointed (Half hour wait on Firehawk thought :) )

    That does suck when you make the walk all the way over there and you get denied on your chance to ride but i will be going probably all next week and am looking forward to that wait for Firehawk that is only half as long as usual

  12. To be honest welchce and everyone else i love the idea and i love Disney it is one of the best places to go and experience and all of Disney's shows arent lame as you told Vortexallday i may be 13 and not as many kids this age watch Disney related shows but i still do and i would love to see them take the park over, but my only question now is if Disney were to buy at least KI would the prices for admission go up or would they stay pretty much the same?

  13. While waiting in the Adventure Express Station Is this that ride (pointing to SOB)." My response "Yes"

    I hear stuff like this every time i get ready to ride The Beast because parents scare their kids by saying that Vortex is The Beast while they are at the enterence.

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