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  1. Sonofbeast2.0, the ticket policy is that you will receive 4 free park admission tickets after you have worked 28 shifts. These tickets must be used by Labor Day but can be used by any 4 friends or family members that you choose. You will learn more about this and any discounts during park orientation before your first shift
  2. As somebody who has had the privilege to work backstage for not only Spirit Song but numerous other concerts with these same bands headlining, if you have never went, or haven't been in a while, I STRONGLY recommend checking it out this year. Though I've never seen Newsboys live, I've heard nothing but great things about their concerts and their great energy on stage. TobyMac stole the night away last season with his amazing concert and I'm sure this year will be just as great, plus he will be coming fresh out of Winter Jam a couple months prior so it is definitely going to be fun to watch I can't say enough about the production that Skillet puts on for each and every concert as they are always top notch, plus there may even be a chance they will be rolling out a new production and set this touring season but we will have to wait and see. Just a guess I have seen Tenth Avenue North, Matthew West, We As Human, RED, and Newsong previously in concert at Winter Jam and all had amazing sets. My church had the privilege of hosting Building 429 in concert back in August and words can't describe how great that concert turned out! That whole band and crew, just like all the others listed, are some of the greatest people you will ever meet, when it looks like they thrive off of crowd energy, it's because they really do because they care so much about their audiences. All other bands, besides Petra, I have heard great things about all of their productions though I have never seen them live. Like I said I strongly recommend checking it out this season after seeing this artist lineup. Spirit Song has become the highlight of the past two summers for me and it is something I always look forward to every year so if there is ever a year to go, this season is definitely one of them, and I know each and every band member and crew member, as well as everybody at KI would greatly appreciate seeing a packed house all three days!
  3. Great Trip Report Kirk! Glad to hear you had a great experience at the park. One of the things that caught my eye is you and your friend having a good lunch at Outer Hanks which is something I like to see. Being a supervisor at that stand it's always great to hear when our guests had great experiences at our stand which is something I like to strive for with each guest. Glad to hear your pulled pork and fries were good and hope all of your experiences in every food stand this season is just as good Also, like Indyguy4KI, I look forward to seeing your comments on the shows since I don't get to watch the shows as often due to work. I couldn't agree more with you by saying this show is a winner already. I got to watch it for the first time Saturday by watching the final two shows of the day and it has to be one of the best I've seen at Kings Island. I look forward to being there this upcoming Sunday all day to shoot some video and get some pictures as well.
  4. Very good interview Kirk! This is very interesting to me as I have been trying to get into Entertainment as a technician and have been an avid fan of the Entertainment Department the past 3 years especially. Thanks so much for sharing this
  5. I really enjoy that merchandise discount even though I still have yet to use it in the 2 years I've worked at the park. Also, regarding the ERT at CF parks, when I went to Cedar Point last August and used my Kings Island ID to get in, I asked one of the CP security guards if I could get into the ERT and I was unfortunately not allowed to participate and had to wait for park opening. I really didn't mind it, I still enjoyed my time up there
  6. Hating the cold weather the offseason is bringing us already! Come on April 30th!!

  7. Wow, April 10th last post on here, are you kidding me? That's definitely got to change!

  8. One big change I saw that definitely is not the best is lockers at ALL locations around the park are no longer just 75 cents, rather they are now 2 dollars.
  9. Yikes, brings back memories from last season when I had the 8 AM shift, some fun, some boring. Good luck to you though, hope everything works out for you this season! I will be at the park at probably around 8 or 8:15 and will stop in to get my paycheck then wait for the gates to open in what will be freezing cold weather, haha. That is the ONE thing I'm not looking forward to about tomorrow but other than that I'm definitely pumped! I've been counting down for this day ever since November 2, 2009!
  10. Justin I hate to make your week worse but Down Home Country will still be playing this season. If it makes you feel better though it wont open until like June 4th or 5th. I'm definitely looking forward to Way Too Much TV though. I've been looking forward to it since I heard about it last November. I have alot of friends from last season in the show so I believe this show will be very good! You can bet I'll be at the 1 PM show to watch! Thanks for the review Ryan, I definitely appreciate it.
  11. In Stand Training tomorrow at Jukebox! Only 7 more long, dreadful days of waiting until the offseason ends!!!

  12. When I did processing last season it took me all but 25 minutes for processing and that includes waiting in line. HR was open for processing to all re-hires last week and it still took me almost 3 hours even when I went right after school. I definitely wasn't ready for that but it was worth it. Saw a couple of my friends from last season and talked to them really the whole time. I go in for my Food Returners class on Saturday from 12:30-3:30 and I can't wait, hopefully there will be a few people I remember from last season in that time slot and hopefully I will be offered a promotion up to Assistant Team Leader!
  13. Here are the 5 questions and answers from today. I'm so glad that they answered my very first question that I asked but I did it for everybody here at KIC because the topic of a nice sit down restaurant has been talked about on here many times over the past couple of years.
  14. This answer confused me. I don't remember there being a BBQ stand on International Street last season. Can anybody enlighten me as to where this location was?
  15. ^Although I dont ever want to be a sweep I think it definitely has its benifits for those who work in that department. Hope you have an awesome time working throughout the season.
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