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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. My boys (when I get to see them) Had the most clever idea the other day. A new top ride to fit Cedar Fairs use of its wonderful characters. It would be called Your a roller coaster charlie brown! All of your favorites would be there. Dexter, Chicken, Johnny Bravo and everyones favortite cashews dog Arthur would be there to cheer you on as you dip and dive over swan lake. (By the way is not site of the new 2009 ride.) Oh what fun!
  2. Ive heard from one of my clients that Its fried winner of best ammusement park food 2005 is making its return in 08.
  3. Mr.3000

    Got Wood?

    Well it will always be a wood coaster in the heart of myself and my boys. We usually ride this coaster 3 times in a row. The wait is always so long.
  4. Mr.3000

    Got Wood?

    My obvious fill in vote here would have been Adventure Express. my family loves this roller coaster tho it is to intense for myself sometimes. The hill is crazy! Cant believe you forgot that one!
  5. Obviously the choice here is dora. Unlike the non family fun anything halloween had to offer, the dora sing along had my 13 year old step sons filled with joy.
  6. Hey all. Its me Mr. 3000. I am pleased to announce that next years new show in the action theater is non other than the 2004 mega-blockbuster Mr.3000. Seems they have a new twist on the exiting series. In 2008 you follow the wacky antics of emmy and golden globe award winning actor Bernie Mac "Winner of best actor for his tearjerking performance in Bad santa" As he teaches his daughter Jan Ross (Dakota Fanning) the fundamentals of softball. Sit back and hold on to your seat as Bernie and Dakota Fanning play in the Little Ms Softball world series! But wait! Looks like the rival Softball team co
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