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  1. NO! DT's MINE!! I used to be terrified of DT until I went to Cedar Point and rode Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster. I swing my feet all the way up the tower, and take the drop with my hands in the air the whole way down. I ask my friends all the time if they want to go to KI and have a Drop Tower fun day. Nothing I've ridden at KI or CP compares to the adrenaline surge DT gives me. Here is an onride vid someone took.. I watch this like 10 times a day
  2. Those photos are simply amazing.. but why no tornado pics?? Seriously, nice TR. Glad to see you guys made it through the bad weather without a scratch, it was cool of the gas station attendant to let you hide out there. I'm not a fan of Pain Streak either. Aside from The Beast, I prefer free fall towers and crazy steel coasters over woodies any day.
  3. Unfortunately I had to work 230-1030 yesterday. The girl I went with is my assistant manager, so we had a bit of trouble getting the same day off. Firehawk's line always seems to be long when I go, but IMO it's very much worth the wait. I always seem to completely forget the blistering hot, painfully slow-moving queue when I get in the seat and fasten that silver buckle
  4. MF does have stadium seating, but the website refers to it as "tiered seating" .. I guess it's the same difference? BTW, nice to see someone else is a DT addict too. I rode that thing 5 times in a row for a total of 8 rides that day. It was a Sunday evening so the line was very short. I even got a high five from the ride op
  5. I was 14 when my dad took me to KI for the first time. I was always the one to ride the craziest, fastest things I could find at the county fair, so I had no problem getting on a roller coaster. I was stoked to see that the coasters were much bigger than I imagined them to be, so I went for it and made Vortex my first roller coaster ride.. I LOVED IT!
  6. My very first ride at Kings Island was The Vortex when I was 14 (which was about 12 years ago). I went with my dad and had been on some pretty crazy carnival rides, so being the brave one that I am, I went straight for the big one The first ride I hit at Kings Island is either Delirium or Invertigo. I love Drop Tower, but if I ride that first, everything else at the park seems to pale in comparison. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush I get from DT.
  7. My friend Tara arrived at my house around 8:45 Saturday morning, and we left for the park. We stopped on the way to get breakfast, and hoped to make it to the park by opening time at 10 am. HA. We didn't arrive at the park until 11 am because the traffic was so congested going to the park. I let her borrow a pair of my shades. Thankfully, I got a spot in row 50 of premier parking, which was basically right in front of the entrance. I thought this was a good sign until we saw signs advertising that Jordan Pruitt was to perform at the park at 7 pm. The park was PACKED, even worse than it was on opening day this year. We rode Delirium (45 min wait), Drop Tower (45 min wait), and Flight Deck (close to an hour wait!), watched the 80's Flashback show at the International Showplace, and then went to the picnic area to get our $12.99 picnic lunch. After that we headed to BSC and stood through the 2 hour wait to let our food settle in our stomachs. After that we went to check the line for Invertigo.. 3 HOURS .. no way. Vortex was 2 hours, so we said forget it and went for the red train on Racer, which was close to half an hour wait. Then we headed to Flight of Fear, which was also a 2 hour wait. I realized then that I hadn't put our sunglasses in a locker (there is no place to leave them while you ride) so Tara dropped them down her shirt. At the end of the ride, she gave me back the shades I was wearing, went to pull out the pair I let her borrow, and they came out of her shirt in 3 pieces I had spent about $5 on them so I wasn't worried about it, and I have about 10 more pair. Then it was off to Firehawk, where the wait was again 2 hours, so we rode it. We were going to try Invertigo but the line was still ridiculous. I wanted to ride DT one more time, so she said go ahead. She wanted to ride Delirium one more time so we split up, she headed for Delirium and I headed for DT. I waited almost 45 minutes to ride, and we left around 10:15.. I got home at 12:20 am because the traffic congestion was just as bad as it was entering the park. We did have a great time overall, though. Kings Island is a great place, and it was my 10th visit to the park this year. I also took a couple of photos of the construction site while waiting for BSC! Ride count: Delirium - 2 (Tara 1, me 1) Drop Tower - 2 (Tara 1, me 1) Flight Deck - 1 Backlot Stunt Coaster - 1 Racer - 1 Flight of Fear - 1 Firehawk - 1
  8. The Beast is one of my favorite coasters, and that is saying something seeing as how I'm not a big fan of wooden coasters. I love the speed and the tunnels, especially since it really doesn't shake you around that much. Son of Beast gave me 3 bruises, a headache, and a backache after ONE ride.
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