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  1. Does anyone have any ideas to wolfpack? since they are taking SOB down will it still be there or moving or just going away?? Any thoughts?
  2. yeah i thought it was a pretty cool addition this year. i found out opening night about it and i thought it was very neat that they did that. the very first person scared me cause i didnt know he was going to be there then at the exit too he really got me lol
  3. i was just wondering because my mom doesnt like to buy tickets online anymore because they are charging a 5$ printing fee now and we are looking for a coupon to use at the front gate this friday or saturday. Thanks for your help though i will definitely look at taco bell and skyline
  4. Hey anyone that can help would be great! i was wondering if there is any codes or coupons i could get for me to get the cheapest ticket possible for my boyfriend to go this friday and if it is a code how do u use that?
  5. This is just random out there but did anyone else notice that on the map online and on the attraction list they have congo falls? I really wanna know why they would have that open at 12 at night thats a cold waiting to happen. lol it just seemed very interesting to me
  6. Has anyone actually done this and is it worth actually doing it?
  7. Thanks for the tip! and i agree CarnEvil is one of my favorites. Yeah that part always gets me even tho i have been through it several times before lol I guess im lucky that doesnt bother me but its till a great maze! Yes it is a really good mazes my mom always comments about the guy who is jumping from the wall and the guy who eats poop lol
  8. A couple of theese haunted houses I have not been in but here is what I think of them and some facts starting with least scary- Mysteria (Its Ok but if ur scared of green people then dont go in) Holiday Horror (Havent Been in) Carnevil (Very fun maze even if ur afraid of clowns) Massacre Manor ( just watch out for a scary guy at the begining yell at u) Wolf Pack (Very neat setting but not the most scary) Cut Throat Cove (it not bad but there is some scary moments) Cornstalkers (Havent been in) Club Blood (Well I ****ed my pants toward the end where all of the curtains are.) Slaughterhouse (Havent been in) Urgent Scare (Havent been in) i was in holiday horror and urgent scare and they both werent bad. i like holiday horror it had a really nice theme to it. urgent scare got really down graded from last year but it is still really good
  9. Which maze did you like the best from Halloween Haunt or just tell me about your trip there
  10. Noooo im not afraid of them my brother is and i wanted to know what mazes to go through to make him scared XD Thanks i will definitely have to check him out
  11. im not really interested in getting the fright or Fast Lane passes but i am going. 1. RingMaster 2. TombRaiderFTW 3. pikeman77 4. Pkifreak23
  12. thats what i thought lol are there any anywhere else that you know of?
  13. HEYY i went Halloween Haunt last friday and i got to go through Holiday Horror, Club Blood, Mysteria, Urgent Scare, and CarnEvil. Does anyone know if any of the other mazes have a chainsaw. I have heard that slaughterhouse does but im not sure. If anyone one knows i grateful appreciate the info!
  14. i really enjoyed it i liked the amount of scareactors like IndyGuy4KI said. Which one were you maybe i could say hi this friday when i go back lol
  15. i wouldnt say that holiday horror was horrible at least every room was different and they had some neat costumes.
  16. I am going toinight so if you want any information about things just let me know
  17. also if you look in the gallery section the have a picture group for death row and trail of terror when they dont even have them anymore
  18. i honestly dont think anyone of us would of passed it up while there are several people waiuting and checking everyday for it, but it is possible and ill be mad if i did miss it lol
  19. hey guys i just got info from kings isalnd themselves and howl-o-fest is still free with admission in the same place
  20. Thank you Pkifreak23 we are going on the1st and \2nd of Oct. its a Sat.and Sun. no problem i hope u have fun!
  21. during saturday and sunday there is howl-o-fest and there are alot of activities for your little kids to do like mazes, a dancing area, some shows, free crafts that they can do usually they have a petting zoo and they have a pumpkin patch where your kids can get a free miniature pumpkin and they can decorate it if they want too. its alot of fun but its only on saturday and sunday during the day from 12-5 i believe.
  22. at first when the first open up to the public all the lines are usually long but by 11 usually midnight all the lines have cut down to basically nothing and u can hop on to a lot of things if u stay til close cause a lot of people get too tired to stay the whole time but usually it worth it whether u wait in lines early on or later. i hope this helps some what
  23. Just a little note i thought about i would like to share is that if u noticed on the two tweets that they put up the one said Unscramble these 14 letters to get the name of one of our new attractions this fall at Halloween Haunt: YNATEGLIRELAHM and Unscramble these 13 letters to get the name of one of our new mazes this fall at Halloween Haunt: RLHOYAROIRDHO if you notice one say to get the name of one of our new mazes and the other says one of our new attractions so i think its safe to say that holiday horror is a maze and nightmare alley is the new fear zone. let me know what u think or if im wrong
  24. has anyone thought it might be animal related with the things that are up on the actual website now?
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