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  1. This was my first KI ride in years on May 16th, as I had not been to the park since 2000. It was the worst ride I rode all day. Thank goodness I rode The Beast next, because from then on my day was pretty good.
  2. While in Eiffel Tower, I saw 2 kids look at SOB and say "That's The Beast". Probably a common mistake, but still...I chuckled a bit, knowing that the original Beast was well hidden in the woods, not plainly obvious like SOB is.
  3. OK, among all the flatrides, which one is the best? I decided to not include kiddie rides at Nick-U, simply because there would be too many to list then and many of them cannot accept older riders. Note: For those who don't know, a flatride is just about any ride that isn't a water ride or roller coaster.
  4. Ideas for Fairly Odd Coaster... If it becomes HB Land again, change it to Scooby Doo, the ride's original name from 1972-1979. If it becomes "Ride Warrior Lab", change it to Beastie. But red-add the tunnel and paint it the same color as the real Beast. Just some ideas.
  5. Oh, sorry. I meant it needs re-painted and fixed up badly, and could get a new color. The thing has rust all over it. But I get the joke. And yes, let's not "Paint It Bad" like Chang! I'll fix the title...
  6. One more thing: the name "Flight Deck" kinda sucks in my opinion, so if you choose a different new color, and have a good idea for a name to match, you may post that, too.
  7. PS: If you have a good idea for a possible new theme for the ride, you may place that too.
  8. I rode Flight Deck a few days ago, and upon searching through some stuff here, it seems many think Flight Deck needs painted. I agree. But what color? I think black would look good...but after seeing some pictures of it when it was red, it looked great back then. Or should it stay Silver? So many choices...
  9. As far as length is concerned, The Beast holds up well today even against Steel Coasters: 1st-Steel Dragon 2000 8133 feet 2nd-Daidarasaurus 7677 feet 3rd-Ultimate 7442 feet 4th-The Beast 7359 feet 5th-Son of Beast 7032 feet 6th-Fujiyama 6709 feet 7th-Millennium Force 6595 feet 8th-Voyage 6442 feet 9th-California Screamin' 6072 feet 10-Desperado 5843 feet Source: http://rcdb.com/rhr.htm?statistic=3
  10. AND there's a picture: http://rcdb.com/ig2427.htm?picture=1 Thanks for posting that! Your welcome. I wonder how good that ride was...
  11. Holy Cow! I just did a quick check, and there was a suspended roller coaster in 1902! http://rcdb.com/id2427.htm
  12. OK, thanks for the info, TopGun1993. I thought The Bat was the first because it was classified as a "Prototype" and usually, that would mean "first". But not in this case. Then again, some cars go through several prototypes before production versions are made (The Ford Mustang is a good example, it was originally a true sports car in the 1962 prototype but the 1963 version changed that, and then the legendary production model came out in 1964). Also, thanks for correcting my 6-foot-off height mark for Kingda Ka, Terpy. And it doesn't look like The Beast is going to lose this. Not by a longshot. Heck, The Top 3 (Beast, DB, and SOB) seem locked in by now...
  13. Um yes they have. Look at Son of Beast. 215 feet tall and the only wooden hyper coaster in the world. I think that Violakat03 meant OVERALL height among ALL coaster types (steel & wood). In that case, Son of Beast does come up short- it's only about half as tall as Kingda Ka, the current record holder at 450 feet. Given how big steel coasters are compared to most woodies today, it is suprising that The Beast ever held the overall height record at a time when Steel Coasters were showing up all over the place.
  14. Wow. The more you think about it, KI has done a lot for roller coasters over the years: 1972: The Racer revives the wooden roller coaster from sure death. 1979: The Beast sets a new standard for roller coasters, and breaks all kinds of records. It still holds the Wooden & US Coaster length records 30 years later! 1984: King Cobra, the first stand-up coaster built to be so. (RIP) 1987: Vortex, the first coaster with 6 inversions. 1996: Flight of Fear, the first LIM launched coaster. 2000: Son of Beast, the first wooden hypercoaster, and the first looping...for a while...(RIP Loop) 2001: Rugrats Runaway Reptar, the first suspended coaster for kids. 2009: Diamondback takes the record for most airtime on a roller coaster. These rides all pushed roller coasters to new heights in many different ways by breaking records and/or being unique... UPDATE: I have removed The Bat from this list as further research has shown it was actually far from the first suspended coaster. Sorry.
  15. And this poll sure is showing how much love The Beast gets. As for SOB getting some votes, it seems some people don't care too much about pain caused by some roller coasters. I rode Vortex and the restraints hurt me every time the rode went upside down (6 times!), but I still enjoyed the ride. It did, however, hurt my impressions of it.
  16. This is gonna kind of suck in comparison to some lists... Kings Island ***** Little Bill's Giggle Coaster Fairly Odd Coaster (as Beastie) The Racer The Beast Vortex Diamondback Flight Deck Flight of Fear INDIANA BEACH ***** Hoosier Hurricane Da Da Dum!
  17. So that is why SOB is getting votes...yes, the idea of SOB was actually a good one. I was actually pretty mad the day I went that it was closed because SOB was one of the rides I wanted to give a try, along with Diamondback, The Beast, Firehawk(Didn't ride it either because of the line), etc. It didn't ruin my day though.
  18. Oops! Made a mistake, meant to add to 1st post, and replied instead, sorry.
  19. 2 hours in...Beast is still #1 at 16 votes, Diamondback stands at #2 with 8...and in 3rd is Son of Beast with 5. I'm actually a little shocked SOB is in the top 3, although I have never rode it (it was broken when I was there on May 16th) but I have heard things about it like "Worst Coaster Ever", "Very Rough", etc...and then you have Flight of Fear, which is supposed to be one of the best coasters at KI, getting a mere 1 vote...
  20. I know, but RCT makes it really hard to do big helixes and stuff. Look at the SOB recreation. That's about as good as you can do...as far as making realistic coasters, NoLimits is a lot better, but I don't have NoLimits, and don't know if you can compare 2 coasters next to each other.
  21. I stand corrected. The Beast is, by a good margin, the biggest wooden coaster ever made. Possibly even ever.
  22. Yes, true...now that I remember, I was playing RCT2 and was comparing some wooden coaster re-creations, and in length (and size), The Beast just crushed them all except SOB, but it wasn't anywhere near the tallest.
  23. Flight of Fear FINALLY GOT A VOTE! AFTER AN HOUR AND A HALF! I'm shocked it took this long, since that ride had a long line and was very good (but my vote still goes to Beast, then Diamondback before FOF).
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