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  1. 2 hours in...Beast is still #1 at 16 votes, Diamondback stands at #2 with 8...and in 3rd is Son of Beast with 5. I'm actually a little shocked SOB is in the top 3, although I have never rode it (it was broken when I was there on May 16th) but I have heard things about it like "Worst Coaster Ever", "Very Rough", etc...and then you have Flight of Fear, which is supposed to be one of the best coasters at KI, getting a mere 1 vote...
  2. I know, but RCT makes it really hard to do big helixes and stuff. Look at the SOB recreation. That's about as good as you can do...as far as making realistic coasters, NoLimits is a lot better, but I don't have NoLimits, and don't know if you can compare 2 coasters next to each other.
  3. I stand corrected. The Beast is, by a good margin, the biggest wooden coaster ever made. Possibly even ever.
  4. Yes, true...now that I remember, I was playing RCT2 and was comparing some wooden coaster re-creations, and in length (and size), The Beast just crushed them all except SOB, but it wasn't anywhere near the tallest.
  5. Flight of Fear FINALLY GOT A VOTE! AFTER AN HOUR AND A HALF! I'm shocked it took this long, since that ride had a long line and was very good (but my vote still goes to Beast, then Diamondback before FOF).
  6. Well, the "biggest" part is no longer true, it's Son stands at nearly twice as tall, and there are lots of wooden roller coasters that have surpassed The Beast in size, but the father is still the baddest. And that is what counts the most.
  7. Thanks, I see that now. Beast is taking most of the votes! And there is a good reason for that, too.
  8. Actually, SOB is doing pretty well on this poll. It's 3rd among all KI coasters right now with 3 votes. Some rides still don't have any, and most have 1.
  9. I added Backwards Racer! Thanks for reminding me...
  10. OK, which one do you miss the most? I never rode any of them, and can't now, but I did see King Cobra back when I went in 2000. I'll vote for that one... PS: You don't need to have rode, but which do you wish was still there now the most.
  11. Huh. 1 hour in, and I can already tell what ride is going to win (unless a ton of ride-x fans other than Beast show up)- The Beast. But, I am a little shocked that some rides that usually have really long lines, like Flight of Fear, have 0 votes...and yet Fairly Odd Coaster has a vote!
  12. ......................... ..................oh!
  13. ...wow, Fairly Odd Coaster gets a vote! I know it's a good family coaster, but it got votes before popular rides like Flight of Fear and Vortex... I wonder if after a month, will there be any rides without votes...
  14. And 30 minutes into the poll, Beast is winning with 5 votes, Diamondback is 2nd with 3. I won't be shocked if those two stay #1 and #2...
  15. Never mind...Racer got a vote! (That ride is pretty good BTW...)
  16. Huh. I know it's only 10-20 minutes into this poll, but nothing other than Beast, SOB, or Diamondback has any votes yet...
  17. Oops! The P was a typo, sorry. The poll SHOULD have read "...to grace KI." My bad. Although this does include rides added during the PKI years...
  18. OK, a very obvious poll that has yet to made- which of KI's coasters do you think was/is the best? This includes former rides such as The Bat, King Cobra, etc. too. Roller Coasters only, no flatrides like Delirium or Drop Tower, etc. are included.
  19. Diamondback by about 100 feet over Vortex. Only been to 2 parks- KI and Indiana Beach(which does not even come close as far as big coasters are concerned). SOB was broken down on May 16th, so I could not ride it, which is why Vortex is #2. So I have ridden ONE hypercoaster...
  20. I overcame my fear of big coasters yesterday by riding The Beast, Vortex, and Diamondback. Now I love them! In fact, 90% of my day at KI, I was either on or in line for a roller coatser. Sorry flatrides!
  21. I was there that same day. Most of the rides I rode were good (sans Crypt), the food was excellent, the park was clean...I got hit on (I'm a guy BTW)...it was almost perfect. The cherry on top was a night ride on The Beast, which was simply incredible. But it wasn't perfect. We got rash because we were soaked on Congo Falls and White Water Canyon, Son of Beast was closed all day , and the line for Firehawk, a ride I really wanted to ride after experiencing Vortex, had a HUGE line I wasn't willing to deal with. But overall it was a great day. My favorite rides were... #1-The Beast (was #3, but the night ride was so good!) #2-Diamondback (Awesome Ride, great airtime, first drop is ) #3-Flight of Fear (Long Line, but worth it!) #4-The Racer (Lots of airtime=fun) #5-Vortex (Fun, but dropped to #5 due to the pain of the OTSR) Worst Ride: The Crypt. 30 seconds is just lame for a ride like this where I had to wait over 30 minutes. PS: This was my first trip to KI in 9 years, and most of the people with us rode big coasters for the first time.
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