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  1. I just found out that a fellow KIC member Keith Harrison (KIFan1980) passed away last night after a heroic battle with cancer. I first met Keith at the Diamondback station waiting in line. I was new to KIC and to being a coaster enthusiast. Keith recognized me from my avatar and extended his hand to welcome me to the family. I will miss you for now, but am sure that we will meet again and i know that his hand will be outstretched when we reunite. (Contributed by DaveStroem)
  2. Well if it was north of Lima on I-75 chances are the trucks were heading to the turnpike. From there it could have been going to Chicago for X-Flight, but the video shows red track on that one. It could be heading just about anywhere from here though.
  3. While I have not been able to find anything on any of KI's site or FB page laying out exactly what they are getting. I can say that Action Rivers are a lot of fun. They were our favorite thing to do at Schlitterbahn when we were there in June.
  4. The Bristol night race is one that I have always want to attend. Sounds like you have a great time and will have cherished memories. Thanks for sharing them with us.
  5. Yesterday we were at the park and while waiting in The Beast queue we were line jumped by 3 twenty somethings. This turned into an incident but before I go there, I would like to get the groups feeling on what we as park guest should do when we are line jumped. BTW, just to make it clear, I am talking about line jumping in the regular queue and not Fast Lane or paid line jumping.
  6. I am glad that the boy has fully recovered from his injuries.
  7. This photo is from the Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing collection that was posted on Shorpy.com It shows the Whirl of the Whirl at Coney Islands Luna Park. It reminded me so much of WindSeeker that I had to share. It too seems to have a pretty fancy light package
  8. I also see that I can renew my CW passes for $149 online which is probably what I am going to do.
  9. Jesse, I am in no way upset about this. My feeling is as I stated, disappointed, it is almost like someone told me that Santa Claus isn't real. I have been going to Holiday World since before I became an enthusiast. Everything that they have ever done is just the way I would do it if I were running my own park. So when they decided to add an up-charge it goes against the way I would do it and thus my illusion of the perfect park has been shattered. I have emailed Dan my feelings, but have not gotten a response yet.
  10. While the prices are high, my disappointment is in the fact that Holiday World is going down the up-charge route.
  11. But those additional 2 weekends have become 4 weekends that the regular pass will not get you into.
  12. For the first time ever, I came away from yesterdays visit to Holiday World feeling disappointed. Not with the park, but with their 2012 season pass changes. After another wonderful day at the park I was handed a season pass flyer as we were exiting the park. In 2012 the Holiday World season pass will only be good through September 30th, not the entire season. While they have extended the season two additional weekends in October, in reality they have removed 2 weekends from the value of the regular season pass. They are also offering the 4 weekends they will be open in October as an "up-grade" for an additional $30. I see up-grades as nothing more than a cash grab and is something I would have NEVER expected Holiday World to do. Holiday World passes are among the most expensive in the industry and with the addition of the “up-grade” are the highest that I have been able to find for a seasonal park. They are even higher than a Cedar Fair Platinum pass which is good for all of their wet and dry parks. I have purchased Holiday World passes for the past few years because I have always found the value in Holiday World’s experience. I don’t feel that way about 2012. What's next? Will there be Dinosaurs wandering around southern Indiana?
  13. First WindSeeker and now Dinosaurs Alive. Welcome to Kings Island North. Of course this was expected and not a surprise at all. We went through KI's DA once and enjoyed it, but I doubt we do it again. Adding back the missing Dino won't make it worth another trip either. I never see us going though the one at CP. Been there, done that, then went and rode a coaster.
  14. While we were waiting in the regular queue for DB yesterday, we noted that EVERY train had multiple empty seats on it. In many cases empty rows. I also noted that they were not assigning seats and barely pulsing the station. I feel that getting rid of the SRL was a mistake that will never allow DB to ever come close to running at full capacity. IMO the design of the train is as close to perfect as can be made. It allows single riders to use the wing seats and not have to ride shoulder to shoulder with a stranger (and lets face it, some at the park are a bit stranger then strange). From my discussions with park employees, this system is STILL a work in progress. I think it is something that is here to stay, but may show up in a very different format in the future. I would suggest sending in your suggestions to the park. Just telling them that you hate the system because it is unfair will not get very far, but offering up suggestions as many have done here will have more of an impact.
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