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  1. Definitely seemed popular throughout the entire night. Walked out of Wolf Pack at 1 and saw a still-full queue for Blackout.
  2. My mom just sort of side-swiped me with the news that I'll be auditioning for Halloween Haunt tomorrow. I'm not upset, seeing as I was interested in doing so to begin with, but I am surprised. So I have questions. What should I prepare for before walking into the interview? If I end up getting the job, what should I then prepare to do? Will I have to work any weeknights? When will training be? I'm sure I have more questions, and if I come up with more, or with follow up questions to answers, I'll end up posting them below. Update: I got the job. Turns out I wouldn't have even really needed help, since it went as followed: "Are you legally able to work in the U.S.?" "Yeah" "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?" "No" "Are you a sex offender?" "No" "Alright, we have an opening in Wolf Pack. Welcome aboard!" "Sweet"
  3. I'd say the young girls wearing far too revealing clothes and spray on tans, but that's more of a general complaint. In my 7th grade so many girls looked like baked potatoes wearing Polly Pocket clothes...
  4. I'm just mad the program ended before I could redeem a free Fast Lane pass.
  5. I personally listen to soundtracks to movies, and especially broadway musicals.
  6. It's my birthday, so I'm definitely going! This is gonna be great!
  7. Maybe a more complex stage than the one at Cedar Point? Assuming that it is for a Luminosity style show, which I don't think it will be.
  8. ^Maybe because they're all somewhat situated on a particular path, and somewhat close to each other.
  9. 3 guesses: Year long haunt, dark ride, or an indoor coaster.
  10. Oh my god. They have a broadway themed show. This may possibly be the greatest show I'll ever see at a Cedar Fair park. Might be the second greatest.
  11. Umm... maybe for something bigger than a ride breaking down, since that does happen a lot. It's unenjoyable, but it'll happen. If you got stuck on a ride for an hour+ in 90 degree weather, than yes I think such a thing would be a fit "sorry".
  12. A snow globe. A pretty big snow globe may I add.
  13. Yes! This is a genius idea. Somebody please get on it.
  14. I miss the marshmallow fog in a manner which can not be expressed in words. Every Halloween Haunt I go without it pains me to no avail. I miss the fog. Severely. It made for great atmosphere when in the parking lot. I love the rest of Haunt though!
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