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  1. Thanks to everyone posting these pictures. So stoked for a new wood coaster!
  2. Very well put together. Does anyone have still have links to the teasers and promo videos?
  3. With all the bumps going on, I figure this one might need to be seen again.
  4. From what I've seen, most of the major attractions have POVs on FUN TV, including The Beast. There was also a POV for Fury 325 when I last visited. Has anyone else seen another ride from a different park as well?
  5. Thanks everyone! There is one person who has a platinum pass who could land us the Breakers Express deal, but would early entry only apply to him or would the entire room be eligible for early entry?
  6. Hey guys! Long time no see. So a couple friends and I are in the early planning stages for a trip to Cedar Point this July. The trip depends on a few different factors, and we need help deciding on what to do. 1. Will we need two days to cover all the "big" coasters, or does this depend on what time of the week we go? 2. If we do need to spend two days at the park, is there a good hotel that is relatively cheap? We would more than likely split the cost of the room(s) between all 7 of us. 3. Where can we find the cheapest tickets? Does CP offer 2 day passes? Thanks in advance!
  7. If these were such easy fixes, don't you think the park would have fixed everything?
  8. How does International Street look? I remember hearing that the buildings got touched up a little over the offseason but nobody's mentioned anything yet.
  9. Guys what if they put a Haunt attraction in the old Crypt building? At least the building wouldn't go to waste and be useless for the whole year. Maybe the Haunt will be high quality and fun, too. I know, sounds crazy. This will probably never happen.
  10. Wait has Fun TV replaced the preshow video in FoF's queue?
  11. So wait the glockenspiel was completely removed? Or just not rehabbed? Who knows, it could be getting restored as we speak, but I haven't heard anything from the park. I haven't been to KI yet but judging by oldiesmann's pic at the top of the last page the clock has been completely removed.
  12. I would be really impressed with Kings Island if they brought back the multicolored drapes that used to hang in the Festhaus. But with the removal of the glock, I doubt the drapes will make a return. http://KICentral.com/photos/displayimage.php?album=10&pid=3004#top_display_media
  13. So it begs the question of why this program was installed on rides like Adventure Express. How often does AE's line get long?
  14. I always enjoy your trip reports. Thanks for sharing!
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