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  1. ^^Private event but they didnt stop anyone from taking pictures
  2. I forget how to post a picture its been so long lmao. FIELD OF SCREAMS: [/url]IMG_5582 by Faith Hoendorf, on Flickr">http:// EDIT: I think I got it now
  3. I could not see very clearly because it was night time & I donot have pictures. But there is wooden track behind The Crypt. Just a few hours until the announcment!!
  4. ^^ I knew someone would make this joke * Facepalms *
  5. A genuine question: Would they actually put a new wooden roller coaster that close to The Beast? I mean she is legandary and her son who was alittle too much. Just out of personal instinct it seems alittle abrasive to put up a new wooden coaster after just tearing the one down that caused so many injuries. As well as being next to the longest one in the United States.
  6. When i read about the suggestion of Camp Snoopy i was convinced, makes total sense due to the location. But the sign is for a more mature audiance. To introduce an addition to a childrens area I dont believe they would use an intimidating "CAUTION: WATCH FOR FALLING TREES".
  7. I was there yesterday in the station when they awarded him. Ive never seen ride ops so excited before.
  8. On Invertigo yesterday as the train was ascending the ride op sang "Annd III will allllwwwaayysss lovvee yooouuuu". He was applauded too xD On FOF before they launched the train the ride op said "And may the odds be ever in your favor". And "Pikachu GO!" on another.
  9. I took pictures today..but it really looks no different than MantisMan's. Beat me too it
  10. Took the words right out of my mouth. Anyways, I couldn't see Cedar Fair putting so much theming into something like this. But i too credit you on your thoughtfulness for the atmosphere of the park. Real enthusiasts care.
  11. This sounds something like the Skeleton Crew at CP, which was by far the best show I've ever seen at a Cedar Fair park. Really happy KI got something like it. Didn't realize it came out on my birthday too.
  12. Haven't been on in awhile glad to be back. Probably the wrong place to post this. Close enough. I sadly didn't get to go to the backstage tour of the construction of Banshee... Tragic I know... But my Dad a week ago got too. Im not exactly sure how it worked out. Somehow he met this guy at work who was a temporary worker for KI, Im not sure. Anyways he's leaving at like the beginning of march and he's a college student. My dad was taking him back home (or something) and the guy offered to take him a tour of Banshee. (Notice how I said him and not with me too) Edit: 1,000th post and corrected by the Terp.
  13. Im pretty late on this. oopppsss. Just some imaginational thinking here... Some black lights would look really cool. Although, Im pretty sure Banshee isn't fluorescent (lol).Even though its not, it would be neat to see peoples clothes light up in the station. It could be just about as neat as the fog on Flight deck and Gatekeepers lit up train eyes!
  14. Im pretty sure that's silver bullet. That is funny though, how they used a steel b&m invert for it. It does look a lot like Banshee.
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