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  1. On 7/4/2020 at 1:56 AM, homestar92 said:

    Unfortunately, only two such seats are available this year, which makes it very difficult to get a "good" ride.

    If the seating assignments go the way that I'm thinking (every other), wouldn't there be 3 non-wheel seats?

    2-2, 4-2, and 6-2?

    Or are they designating 6-3 in order to accommodate backseat requests? (despite 6-2 being the better seat all things considered)

    On 7/4/2020 at 12:09 AM, NegativeGs said:

    Last summer, the back car was too painful for me. So, I would always wait the extra time to ride near the front. 

    Going off what silver2005 said, where you sit relative to the front of the train is not nearly as relevant as to where you sit within each of the individual cars, with regards to smoothness.

    For example, seats 4-2, 5-2, 6-2 will usually be smoother than 1-3, 2-3, or 3-3. The same applies for two-bench PTCs (which are all wheel seats, technically). I've had 6-1 rides on Voyage that were smoother than 1-2 rides.

    Now obviously with the blocked off rows this year, it removes a lot of the seat selection, but if you do have to opt for a wheel seat, go for the front-wheel seat (of car, not neccessarily train) as opposed to the back-wheel.

  2. I really wouldn't take any serious stock in it. All the rides referenced there are space/aeronautical/ or celestial-themed in some way, shape, or form, which FOF clearly fits into. 

    Its just a coincidence that KI has a lot of retired rides that fall into this realm.

    Setting aside easter eggs if I were to speculate the ride's future I'd say its safe for any forseeable future. For reference, none of its sister rides in Poltergeist, Joker's Jinx, Crazy Cobra, or KD's Flight of Fear have closed yet. And I'd imagine KI would want to keep it going for at least a good while longer, given its importance to Area 72/Orion. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, King Ding Dong said:

    So.... why are they rollbacks bouncing now when they didn’t before?  Is this a maintenance or design issue?   @DonHelbig obviously agrees, maybe he can answer.

    I might be able to clarify this (or at least, I'll try)...

    The "rattling" that you hear is not the same as the occasional vibrations/shuffling you feel on Diamondback.

    The sounds that it makes at the bottom of its drops are the ARB's (or, "chain dogs") bouncing up on the chassis of the train. However, that sound is not unique to Diamondback. It is my understanding that every sit-down B&M can exhibit these noises to some extent, but they are especially pronounced on their hypers with 16 x 2 trains.

    At about 1:04 you'll find Behemoth sounding very similiar to DB

    Similar story for Intimidator, at 1:54...


    The ARBs bouncing are also not all that contingent on how new the ride is. Here is some footage from 2009 where you'll find DB making virtually the same sounds as it does now:


    Source: Former member thedevariouseffect had a very thorough explanation of this phenomenon back in 2014. There's a lot of good info contained in here, and I'd say he was fairly knowledgeable as he had many years in ride op experience. Definitely a great read, and would recommend to anyone wanting to learn more:


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  4. The key word here: externality.

    Externalities are any side effect or consequence put on someone not directly involved in the act being partaken in, and can be positive or negative. We all know that there are many other things people do outside of smoking that are harmful to their health. But the effect on the individual him/herself is not what's relevant here. Its the costs of smoking borne onto others...

    There is no negative externality of someone eating food, within the context of the park, for example.

    As for alcohol, its externality would be the potentially belligerent and/or disorderly behavior that results from it. If handled responsibly, there should be no negative effects inflicted upon others, but that is a risk you inherently take by allowing people to drink within the park.

    However, as it pertains to smoking, I'm afraid that there's really no way one can 100% mitigate the negative externalities caused by it. As mentioned before, even when done in the smoking areas, the clouds tend to carry over to the main midways, at least to some extent. And then of course there are those who will skirt the rules entirely and smoke in line next to others who have no choice but to breathe it in.

    It will be interesting to see how this new policy goes, and while I'm skeptical as to whether there will be a significant increase in enforcement in the smoking policies, I can only hope that there will be.


    That having said, by no means am I trying to contribute to any sort of 'anti-smoker rhetoric', or trying to put them down. We all have our vices. I don't hate smokers, just the smoking itself...

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  5. So... the phrase "borrowed time" has been thrown around a lot with regards to discussion on Invertigo's future. However, its based on the premise that Vekoma does not support the Inverted Boomerang Model anymore; or its replacement parts would be inordinately expensive...

    For the record, there are 2 other operating Invertigos in the world: one last relocated in in 2012 and the other 2015.

    That having said, while I would agree that Invertigo leaving sometime in the next 10 years certainly seems likely, I wouldn't think lack of availability of replacements would be the problem. Besides, I can imagine many of its parts are cross-compatible with the SLC model (for which there are dozens in the world).

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  6. To be honest, I actually preferred many of the Beach's slides to those of most parks, if even for their uniqueness.

    That having said, their uniqueness (along with their age, I'm sure) is part of what would make them so difficult to relocate into a different park. A lot of them utilize uneven terrain and therefore, couldn't easily be transplanted.

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  7. I think what IndyGuy getting at is don't make statements that the casual (ie. GP or Media) person might interpret as a "dangererous situation" when it in vast likelihood it is not.

    Therefore, instead of saying "riders are stuck on lift hill", it'd be more wise to phrase it as "train has stopped on the lift". The latter at least removes person-hood from the situation (and therefore, the connotation of there being "impending danger").

    That having said, for good measure it'd probably be wisest to just not try to describe why its down so the wrong person doesn't misread/misinterpret what's going on and potentially twist it into something its not. Just my 2 cents...

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  8. On 6/18/2020 at 6:49 PM, MrSourNinja said:

    I hope you're right. You would have to think they know people value the back row right? Also, until trains run at full capacity, we aren't going to get a top speed ride before the trim, :(

    I hope so too!

    That having said, if anything I'd think the 1, 3, 5, 8 configuration I've mentioned would be more in the interest of social distancing anyway. Since, an even number of rows implies there's going to be an extra "wasted" row, might as well put that row somewhere other than the very back or very front.

    On another note, I wonder how seating for Racer and Beast (or any coaster with 3- bench trains) will go. If anything, one could make the case that the gap between the cars would be enough to qualify as "appropriately" distanced, and thus the capacity could be cut by just a third instead of by half.

    The trade-off to this however, is no middle (non-wheel) seats on any of the cars. We'll just have to wait and see...

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  9. 40 minutes ago, hotrodyoda said:

    You'd almost rather them skip two rows at the end of the train to have the back one open.

    I'd predict that is what they'll do since their would be four available rows either way. It should go...

    Rows 1, 3, 5, 8 as opposed to 1, 3, 5, 7.

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  10. PTC = Philadelphia Toboggan Company (or Coasters). The defunct ride/coaster company that built Racer and Woodstock Express.

    Upstops are the wheels that run underneath the rails of the track, to keep the train from flying off.


    My mistake. Always forget they're not defunct, as they do make trains, just not full-scale coasters anymore...

  11. 1 hour ago, Marc3E said:

    Do we really just have to rip on it? Like come on let’s just get excited for it plz...

    We're not ripping the ride. We're critiquing the marketing (or lack thereof) of it, which to me is completely fair game. Its said that the park does go here for general feedback. And that's what were giving here IMO. Completely constructive, honest feedback...

    1 hour ago, gforce1994 said:

    Well, KI isn’t a sports team, the marketing of each business is a completely different field. 

    It is? At the end of the day, they both revolve around generating as much buzz as possible, whether it be for a new ride/attraction added to a park or, as mentioned above, a new player added to a team.

    And that's where the disappointment stems. If KI had marketed and hyped Orion to the level that the Bengals did Joe Burrow, I assure you, there would be no complaints...

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  12. No. While they're fairly common on inverts, there are many sitdown coasters with immelmanns as well.

    On that note, Banshee's first inversion is a dive loop technically. Granted, its the same shape of an immelmann, just traveled in reverse...

    Immelmanns start as one half of a vertical loop before diverting the train to the left or right. Dive loops do the opposite (and thus, to be fair, could be considered "reverse immelmanns").

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  13. Apparently, we do have a floorless coaster... 


    Floorless – A roller coaster whose train has no floor, nothing above or below the rider other than the seat itself. Flying Ace Aerial Chase located in Kings Island’s award-winning kids’ area, Planet Snoopy, is a floorless coaster.


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  14. With regards to ride safety/regulations, I've sort of always had this theory that most parks, particularly large (non-traveling) ones in fully-developed countries like KI is, probably hold their rides to higher standards than does their jurisdiction/governing body. 

    Even morals and ethics aside, ensuring safety as priority no. 1 of a park is as important for business as anything.

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  15. And as much as I wouldn't mind seeing another wooden coaster come to the park, and as much as I like them in general, I will concede that the idea of a fifth (sixth, counting Racer twice) woodie at KI, just doesn't seem all that likely (unless its a low-maintenance topper-track, or relatively small GCI/Gravity Group for Planet Snoopy).

  16. Evidently, but not surprisingly, it seem there's vast disagreement with regards to what classifies "family" intermediate, "thrill", or "high-thrill" rides and where the distinctions between all of them are set. And that's fine. We all define things differently...

    But that having said, to those who consider Mystic Timbers to be little more than a family coaster, I'm curious to know what scale of ride you consider Gold Striker, Thunderhead, Renegade, Prowler, Apocalypse etc?

    Because by every relevant dimension - height, speed, length, drop, angle etc. - all of MT's stats are basically equivalent to, if not greater than, all the aforementioned coasters. Yet it seems only Mystic Timbers receives the subtly deprecating/diminishing connotation of .... "family" that the other ones don't.

    In fact, would you believe that it just so happens to be the second-tallest GCI in the world behind only the outlier Wodan?


    Now of course, that isn't to say that the ride is not popular with families. It is. (inherently, all successful rides are made with "family" audience in mind to some extent, in that they have to be acceptable to a general population of guests)

    The problem I have with it receiving the "family" mark is when its used in the pejorative sense (as is the case sometimes)...

    And then there's the issue of, if Mystic is one of GCI's "family coasters", (despite it being the tallest, one of the fastest, and one of the longest in North America), then what does that make what I consider to be their true family coasters in InvadR, Wicker Man, White Lightning etc.?


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  17. ^^Right. We have some low capacity rides, but that isn't to say it wouldn't be preferable to have something higher capacity.

    Also, Invertigo is not a high-profile ride by any means and has the excuse of being a shuttle. The problem with JDC is that its going to be one of SFGAdv top rides, yet will have a capacity far below Nitro, El Toro, and Bizarro. Kingda Ka has poor capacity and thats reflected in its wait times.

    FOF and BLSC? Those are both launched, which also tend to be lower capacity rides in general.

    I'd say most of us are in agreement that an RMC of some type would be a welcome addition to the park someday, but personally I'd like to them improve their capacity first. 

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  18. To clarify, I was referring to drop height, of which it will be the fourth tallest on a lift hill coaster, if were using the more accurate blueprint-specificied measurement of 300.9 ft. That makes it a hair bigger than Millennium and I305's drop of 300 ft (which as far as we know are 300.0 ft)


    Drop heights of lift hill coasters (including cable lifts):

    1. Fury - 320 ft

    2. Steel Dragon - 306.8

    3. Leviathan - 306

    4. Orion - 300.9

    T-5th:  Millenium Force - 300

                 Intimidator 305 - 300


    For all coasters:

    1. Kingda Ka - 418 ft

    2. TTD - 400

    3. Red Force - N/A but <400, and probably > 328 (Height is 367.3. The bottom of the drop looks to be about 20-25 ft from the ground)

    4. Superman - 328.1

    5. Fury - 320

    6. Steel Dragon - 306.8

    7. Leviathan - 306

    8. Orion - 300.9

    T-9th Millenium Force - 300

              Intimidator 305 - 300




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  19. While I haven't ridden Georgia Scorcher, it seems to be the best of both worlds in that its much better designed than their first couple of attempts in the Vortexes of Carowinds and CGA, but didn't go overkill on the stats side in the way Riddler's Revenge, Green Lantern/Chang, Mantis did.

    That having said, do I think B&M could build a tolerable/decent "modern" standup rendition if given the opportunity? Probably, if they model after GS and keep the layout miniminalist enough.

    But to me its a matter of opportunity costs more than anything. Something like GS wouldn't be "bad" edition per se, but there are just so many better options to be had, IMO.

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  20. The "Cedar Fair hasn't built record breakers for Kings Island" trope bemuses me like the "Cedar Fair won't build [insert coaster type/model] at KI because its at Cedar Point" argument... when you correct them, its the same counter-response...:)

    Mystic Timbers and Banshee

    "Ok, but besides those..."

    Diamondback, Banshee, Orion

    "Ok, but besides those..."


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  21. On that note, its important to remember that an original manufacturer going out of business rarely poses an issue when it comes to procuring replacement parts if another company inherits their patents (and if there's a market for it, someone almost always does ie. Arrow --> S&S; Morgan --> Chance etc).

    The link that Wikipedia lists is broken, but it is supposedly Oregon Rides Inc. that possesses the rights to Eyerly Craft Company's rides.


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