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  1. Not to say I wish injury upon them...but it's better them than an innocent soul.
  2. No respect for those who drive intoxicated and no sympathy for them when they wreck. You just have to pray they only injure themselves.
  3. Where'd you go already?

  4. Thank you for doing that, being as I wasn't a member then, I really enjoyed these!!!!
  5. Whoooooooo!!!!! 100th post today!!!!

  6. I would have to put White Water Canyon ahead of Boo Blasters as far as physicality. Because you're walking the platform just the same...except you have to endure the elements. Also, just guest stand-point.
  7. I just re-read "The Lottery"...I don't remember it being, errmm, disturbing is the word y'all used so I'll say disturbing. Quite the interesting short story. I only remember making fun of it with my buddies when I was a Freshman in High School. It's much longer than simply 4 years ago.
  8. I've read that before. I was a little too young to comprehend it...I might, possibly, read it right now.
  9. Is "The Lottery" the one about randomly stoning people???
  10. I was too young to not only be exempt from almost all thrill rides, but to also not comprehend the differences...unfortunately.
  11. Very, Very many times...being as I have lived an hour and a half away my whole life...
  12. I received quite a bit of false information from MR. INTERPRETER! but yes, Ed is a resident of Kentucky. His KKRC headquarters is about 2 miles from the park. Like???
  13. ...and Beech Bend, which competes while PAYING state taxes which would be used in part to fund its competitor. If I were the owner of Beech Bend, I'd be beyond livid. Forget Beech Bend...I'M livid...
  14. Also, how can I feel confident in a business plan that does not have enough investors to support itself??? Granted, it's a recession but that seems shady to me...
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