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  1. I'm thinking they need to change the light bulb for the lava in Adventure Express....all winter and no one could change a bulb?
  2. Yep, my shift would start about 10 pm. In the winter it was pretty dead, no one in the parks at night. That was back in the days when they still had the fiberglass indians, they would store them in the fiberglass shop which was the building on the top of the hill on the other side of the fence from HB land. You'd be going thru the fiberglass shop at night with your flashlight walking thru all the indians with their hatchets and arrows and wondering which one was going to get ya! In the summer the park was busy all night, maintenance, people hosing down the walkways and cleaning the shops etc...always found people doing some interesting things on third shift...the motor house on the Flying Eagles ride comes to mind. Going thru the Enchanted Voyage you'd walk along the "canal" thru the building and check the doors and other areas. The perimeter check was interesting too, that was during the Lion Country Safari days and you'd have to go around the perimeter and check all the gates for the safari. You could shine your light into the lion pen and see all the eyeballs glowing at you.
  3. I was working third shift security in the park back then. Best memory I have is walking through the Enchanted Voyage doing the checks....I just knew one of them characters were going to come to life in the glow of my flashlight.
  4. They've added a live stream camera. Only thing I don't like is seeing that big Pink's hotdog spinning around....makes me want to drive up and get one!
  5. http://www.sanduskyregister.com/sandusky/news/cedar-fair/memo-cedar-point-build-coaster-2013
  6. Sounds like a challenge...time to break out the Excel spreadsheet compiling into an Access database to see if a trend can be established!
  7. Where'd you fly out of Ty. I'm a pilot and fly out of Harrison, see that view a lot with people wanting to fly over KI. Is one of your friends a pilot?
  8. There are some trams on a few farms out in Shandon where I live, if KI wants to use them again I'll pull them up there with my truck
  9. I think i would have waited till at least 2nd or 3rd public cycle
  10. Haven't been back since opening day. Haven't seen WindSeeker running on the camera and was wondering if it's opened this year yet?
  11. I got in a few coaster rides which was my goal. Going in for eye surgeries over the next two weeks and won't be able to ride anything coasterwise till about mid June. That will put it just in time for the trip to CP tho, so figure first ride after the healing will be Millie and Top Thrill.
  12. I wish they'd test returning the trams to the parking lot
  13. Went up to get my pass Sunday and all the metal detectors are gone....hope it's permanent.
  14. Looking at the new wave pool compared to the construction equipment around it looks like it's going to be a good sized pool. Now if they would just have added some Typhooon Lagoon waves!
  15. It's up on the site...can't figure where it is pointing to tho.
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