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  1. Very excited that Adventure Express is finally getting some attention! I'll be interested to see what the enhancements are. It'll be fun to take a ride on it next season. Also, the announcement says that they're adding two new family sides. Are they considering Sol Spin a family ride? Looks a little too intense to be a family ride.
  2. I was really hoping for them to continue the Phantom Theater trend after the Encore show. Unfortunately, I think that ship has sailed at this point. I'd still love to see a retheme of Boo Blasters. After 12 years, it's time to move on.
  3. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if this ride was made especially for KI? I'm not aware of any other parks that had a Phantom Theater. If that's the case, who would own the rights to the characters? Would it be possible for Kings Island to use them in the future? I'm assuming there will be some characters in the new Phantom Theater Encore show.
  4. I'd really like to see a retheme of Boo Blasters. It's been what, 11-12 years now? I think it's time for something different and perhaps a return to a more "classic" dark ride - No guns, more animatronics, just a nice themed ride through. I'd also like to get away from the spooky/haunted theme. It would be nice to return to something similar to Enchanted Voyage and Smurfs. A fun, light-hearted ride that the whole family could ride. Peanuts would be fine, but a brand new creation/story could be fun too.
  5. Thank you. This is what I assumed, but there was no information regarding this so I thought I'd ask.
  6. Does anyone know about the "Bring a Friend" vouchers we were supposed to receive when renewing our Gold Passes during the Flash Sale this past weekend? I renewed 2 passes during the Flash Sale and received the vouchers for the free Fast Lane, but haven't gotten anything for the Bring a Friend. Not sure if these were supposed to be vouchers (or tickets) like the Fast Lane, or if they're just loaded onto the renewed passes for redemption at the park. I received literally no information on how to redeem the Bring a Friend tickets. Does anyone have any information about this? Did anyone received those vouchers? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I'd love another dark ride, or even a retheme of Boo Blasters. It wouldn't have to be anything too elaborate (although something like Phantom Theater would be awesome), but anything would be appreciated. You could do simple physical sets/props and animatronics with limited animation in order to cut down on maintenance costs. Looking back at the Smurf ride, those figures had very simple animation, but the ride was completely immersive and effective. I'd love to see a Peanuts-themed dark ride similar to Smurfs Enchanted Voyage. You could even go through the seasons and have references to the different Peanuts specials (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc). And this is just a "wish list" item, but I'd love to see the return of the water and boat system in order to move you through. There's something about a boat-style dark ride that just feels "classic" to me. Unfortunately, I think that Boo Blasters continues to tick the "dark ride" box as far as Cedar Fair is concerned. It's probably cheap to maintain and doesn't require a whole lot of thought when deciding to keep it or not. If they're not really concerned about having dark rides, I can see them just deciding to leave it there forever, or until it requires too much money to keep it running. I just hope they never decide to take the dark ride out.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I did call the park and notified them of this issue. Their solution? To lie about my daughter's age on the order form and make her currently 3. This is ridiculous solution. Yeah it works for now, but it's not a long term fix. They really need to update the programing on their ordering page and add a simple "If/Then" statement in order to allow parents of 2 year olds to buy a pass for the next operating season in order to not have to lie about their kid's age. Oh well. I got the pass ordered, so I guess I'm good with that.
  9. Hey everyone, I've got a question. So my daughter is turning 3 in two months, which means she'll need a season pass for the first time next season. I'm on Kings Island's website now trying to renew our two Gold Passes, and purchase a new Gold Pass for our daughter. However, I'm running into a little problem. Since my daughter is still 2, the site won't let me purchase her season pass. I keep getting a message popping up saying, "Children Younger Than 3 Are Free". That's true for us right now, but I'm buying a pass for the 2022 season. She'll be 3 by then. Not sure how they let a glitch like this get past their programmers. Have any of you experienced this problem? What did you do about it? Is this one of those situations where I'm going to have to go all the way to the park in order to purchase her pass in person? Gosh I hope not.
  10. Around $100 for a Gold Pass that offers a whole season of entertainment AND free parking. Break it down with the monthly payment plan, and you get a whole month of activity for less than a combo meal at Wendy's. So why exactly is KI over crowded? Gee, I'm not sure! I've always thought the Gold Pass needed to be a premium offering. When everyone has one, then it's not special. Perks are not perks when everyone has access to them. Gold Pass needs a price increase, with no payment plan option. I also think raising prices across the board would eliminate some of the crowding issues and the problems that come with that. However, I think when you can buy a month of activity for $7-8, that's really the cause of the problem. So, I don't know. I do still think that they need a standard pass and a gold pass option, and let the gold pass be a premium offering.
  11. Speaking of Season Pass Processing, does anyone happen to know the hours? Their website is super vague and says, "Season Pass Processing will be available on days the park is open to the general public. Hours may vary from park hours." So basically it's no better than saying, "We should be open when the park is open, but we also might not be. You'll just have to come check." My wife and I went out yesterday evening to get our passes processed. Processing was already closed. It was 7 pm and the park was open for another 3 hours. Not sure how they can post that kind of explanation and expect people to be able to plan. I know more than likely they'll always be open earlier in the day, but it would be extremely helpful if they'd just post actual hours on their site. Does anyone know when the best time to go to processing would be? Just don't want to miss it again. Thanks!
  12. Thanks guys, these are great suggestions! I was pretty sure there was stuff to do, but I kinda wanted to have some ideas before we went. I'm really looking forward to experiencing the park with our daughter. It'll definitely be a lot of fun!
  13. Hey guys, It's been quite a while since I've been on here, but my wife and I had our first child last October and as you'd expect, we've been preoccupied. With that said, we've been talking about making our first visit to the park with our daughter. She's 10 months old now, but will be around 11-12 months when we visit later this season in the fall. My question is this, besides the train, are there any rides or attractions that you'd suggest for a child around a year old? We were trying to think of what all is there, but it's been quite a while since I've been there with a young child! Any suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated...thanks!
  14. Looks like these posters and announcement date had nothing to do with the actual attraction we're getting for 2019. I was really hoping that Adventure Express would get some love, or heck, even The Racer. I kind of wish they'd take a season and refresh some of the older rides "Something old will be new again". I guess I was thinking more about a refresh rather than a reinstallation of an old ride. Oh well, looks like I was wrong.
  15. The posters found at Cedar Fair had obvious nods to both Son of Beast and Adventure Express. "Number 5 is Alive" and "Track 2 is no longer is use and has been permanently abandoned" were written on the posters. Pair that with the announcement being on National Rollercoaster Day and you can't help but speculate differently. I never thought we were getting a rebuild of Son of Beast, that's never happening. However, I figured a revamp of Adventure Express was highly possible. Just not sure what all the teaser posters were getting at. How did they have anything to do with Antique Cars? Were we mislead?
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