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  1. Hmmm maybe just glimpse from the outside then. I remember going to the International Livestock Expo in Louisville (nerdy 4-H horse knowledge contest) and seeing the defunct KK and I couldn't stop staring at it because of how creepy the rides looked all overgrown with weeds. I'm not much of a rule breaker... defunct parks are still cool though
  2. I've known for a while about Chippewa Lake, a defunct park here in Ohio. I've always wanted to go explore back there and take pictures of all the defunct rides, but as of this summer their largest roller coaster has been demolished as well as the majority of the other rides and attractions that were once standing. But now I'm on a mission to find a defunct park. I think it would be so cool to explore one. Does anyone know of any other defunct parks in Ohio, maybe a little further out (I don't want to go crazy with this, just a day trip kinda thing)?
  3. I went last night too since a couple friends invited me. I usually don't go Saturday nights because of how crowded it is, and last night was no exception. We started at Holiday Horror and had the same problem. Then Madame Fatale's was no disappointment. Urgent Scare was okay, but we didn't do the elevator thing. I still feel like it was way better a few years ago when it had the indoor and outdoor portion. After that was CornStalkers, which had a short line and was actually pretty scary considering how the monsters blend in to their surroundings so well. Board to Death was my favorite because of how funny it was, and we ended the night with CarnEvil... the ScareActors didn't even try. Only rode FoF because I was with people who didn't like rides. I hope when I go on a Friday night it's better.
  4. I would want to see somebody death metal scream. Anybody in a hardcore band?
  5. Cargo shorts are a nice option if you're a dude... but we females aren't so lucky. I just take a drawstring bag. As much of a pain it is, I can't imagine not bringing it. I'm always the one who drives, so I have to take my keys. My phone. My wallet. Unfortunately, there's no simple way to carry all these. Giant backpacks, though? There's absolutely no need for that.
  6. That makes more sense now. I knew that there would be something preventing KI from saying "Hey, flip that Beast train around."
  7. Noticed that they were running a couple of the rides backswards this year. So how does it work, running trains backwards on certain coasters (I've always wondered this)? I'm sure it depends on the ride, whether or not they can just flip a train around, but what "qualifies" a ride to be able to just run its trains backwards? Do any adjustments have to be made to the brakes or anything? Also, will they run ALL trains backwards? Or just one, so others who want to ride it facing forward can too? And will they flip the trains back the following season and pick another couple random coasters to run backwards? I'm just so full of questions as to how this works and why KI doesn't do this (besides Racer)
  8. My most embarrassing KI moment was last year when I was trying to get my younger brother to ride Diamondback. He knew he was going to love it, but he just had a fear of heights that he had to overcome. We spent a lot of time sitting on the benches by the entrance, and I was patiently waiting for him to be "ready" to get in line. Finally, we got in line, and about ten minutes later, he chickened out and ran out of line. I hadn't noticed until he was walking out the entrance so I half-jogged to follow him out. I wish I had been paying attention when I tried to get out of the way of people entering the line, because I thought I could fit under one of the signs by the entrance (I think it was the wait time sign). Anyway, I smacked my forehead on the sign, and everyone in a twenty foot radius was staring at me. I'm really clumsy, so I'm pretty much used to it. But that was probably the MOST embarrassing thing that happened.
  9. Some guy mentioned how nobody wants to ride anything unless it's a record breaker, and how DB needed to be 100 feet taller. "World's longest inverted coaster." Totally not breaking any records there.
  10. Did anyone happen to see which news channels were covering the announcement last night? I'm trying to find videos, but I can recall news cameras pointed at the crowd a few times during the night.
  11. I know, I'm so annoyed at the people on Facebook! It's like they can't appreciate the fact that we're getting a $24 million ride that is going to be a blast.
  12. It's so nice to come on here and see everyone happy and appreciative of Banshee! Last night I couldn't help but squeal with glee when they announced we were getting a B&M invert! However, I got on Facebook this morning, and so many comments about Banshee were negative, comparing KI to CP and saying nobody would be satisfied unless we got a "record breaker," or "something taller and faster than Diamondback." It's like nobody can appreciate that we are getting a $24 million ride that is going to be a blast regardless of how tall and fast it is. Last night was also my first "unveiling" event and I can definitely say it was some of the most fun I've had at the park!
  13. Sometimes if I happen to hand them the receipt instead of my pass to re-enter, they just toss it aside instead of scanning it. Hmm.
  14. That sound Invertigo makes as it drops the train after holding for a few seconds. FD's brakes before going into the station. Harry Potter music on WindSeeker I can still remember the music from SDATHC before it was Boo Blasters, and Shaggy talking about the "bright-light-flashlight," and the little hiss as his character lowered behind the wall. FoF's launch is a great sound. Beasts' lift. There aren't many good smells I can associate with at KI, but they are associated with good memories. The hot asphalt upon walking in the gates or a trash bin that's been sitting out for too long. The smell of the woods while riding Beast at night is one I'll never forget, as well as the scent of LaRosa wafting through the air while exiting Beast. It's funny how much the brain associates smell with memory and I never noticed how many details I can pick out just from smells and sounds
  15. I normally never, ever go to Kings Island during the weekend, but this past Saturday the company my dad drives a truck for had their "company day" at the park, and I went for a couple hours before work to ride The Beast and Diamondback with my dad. I guess my question is... does the park operate differently on the weekends? When I handed the parking attendant my pass to park, she said "Make sure you keep this receipt, we won't let you scan your pass a second time," but every single time I've gone this season (about ten or so) they've let me scan my pass over and over again as I came and left. The park just seemed a bit more... strict? Is that the word I'm looking for? On the weekends than during the week. The overwhelming amount of people that were at the park Saturday confirms why I just would rather be at work on the weekends anyway
  16. I'll be there! This will be my first "new attraction event" since DB's opening day in '09. I'm very excited.
  17. I was on STR two days before this happened. Crazy. Though the article stated that there were ten people in the boat. When I rode it, they had passengers in every row but the middle row. A little strange, could mean nothing.
  18. Many others, including the Gatekeeper ride-ops. Let's hope a similar torture isn't coming to KI in 2014! That's what I was afraid of! I don't want to have to "enjoy but put up with" the new ride in '14.
  19. My friend is a sweeper and he switched from being a Beast ride op because he says you get paid more as a sweeper. I think the worst job is whoever has to work the games and constantly try to fish for potential players and constantly get ignored. That's why I always tell them "no thank you"
  20. Rode it for the first time today and was wondering if others were having the same problem. Right after the first drop my collarbones were constricted. The ride is fun, but hard to enjoy when you're in pain.
  21. I absolutely cannot do Drop Tower. That thrill rating of 4 is a lie. I rode it once and the drop was such a surprise my heart was in my throat. Then again, I was twelve, so maybe seven years later I should give it another go. I can't do Vortex, especially that turn after the loops. They should pass out neckbraces. Magnum is never comfortable for me, especially the last few hills. Mean Streak turned my insides into a tossed salad. Once was one time too many.
  22. Maybe this is a message for KICers not to camp-out by the fence, with baited-breath, ready to pounce on any new bolt that may come off of a delivery truck. Was this the only "no camping" sign? Nope, there were one or two others in that same area.
  23. I hope they don't just reveal what is going to happen. We should at least get some corny clues first.
  24. KI just tweeted they have " exciting park news" to share on Facebook at 4 pm.
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