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  1. Anyone remember or have animal magnets like these? I got them back from Kings Island back in 1998 or 1999. My friend also had some, though I can't quite remember what animals they were. I'm curious if anyone else has similar ones and if so I'd love to see them!
  2. Invertigo. I've never ridden it once and have no interest in riding it. It is kind of fun to see when you first arrive at the park though.
  3. It still brings in big lines. This summer when I went it took me about an hour to get on Diamondback. The line was even longer later in the day.
  4. RIP Vortex. It was my first experience with a looping coaster, and for a long time it was my favorite roller coaster. But in recent years it was just too painful to go on. The last time I rode on it I was screaming in pain instead of having fun and I decided I wouldn't get on it again. Still sad to see it go though. I still remember when there would be a huge line for it.
  5. Saw this post on twitter. I've always stopped by that shop and looked at some of the more unconventional flavors, but I'm not brave enough to try them! So I'm wondering if any of you have, and if so which flavor did you have and did you like it?
  6. It's very painful to me. I still like the ride, but I have to lift my feet a little off the bottom so they're not bumping anything while I ride otherwise it roughs me up too much. I really enjoy riding a roller coaster through the forest, otherwise I probably would have stopped going on it a while ago. I always ride in the front.
  7. Yeah, unfortunately not. I've been looking up blueberry ice cream and I keep getting results for ice cream with actual blueberries in it. No, you fools - I don't want real blueberries, I want artificial blueberries!
  8. I think it's blueberry? It definitely has a berryish taste to it in my opinion. Edit: I just looked it up and it is blueberry!
  9. I love the blue ice cream, but unfortunately I can only make the trip about once a year. Are there any store bought ice creams that taste similar?
  10. I was at Kings Island yesterday and this event was a lot of fun! Usually in the evenings I start to get really tired and my legs start to hurt but I want to keep going because I don't want to feel like I'm just sitting around. This was a great way to sit around and still have fun at the park.
  11. Thanks for the pics! Looks like a fun show. Here's the only picture I have from the show... It's just Shaggy. Anyone recognize him or what show he was from?
  12. Anyone have pics from the old Scooby-Doo show back in the early 2000s? I'm looking for info on it so any help would be appreciated!
  13. I rode it a few times yesterday. The ride was a lot of fun, it was a nice addition to the park. I don't think they should have advertised the shed quite as heavily. I guess I didn't really get it, it seemed like it was just random CGI monsters popping out on the screen. The ride itself was great though.
  14. It was mostly white and it said Kings Island on the top. Then it had the title Ren and Stimpy on it I believe (I don't have it now so I can't take a picture of it unfortunately.) The font was in green. It had a picture of Ren on one side and Stimpy on the other.
  15. Anyone know where I could find something like this? I tried ebay but I couldn't find anything. I tried looking up Kings Island Nickelodeon towel and all kinds of different combinations, but I got nothing. I had one for years, but for some reason my mom decided to use it to wipe paint thinner and then throw it out. Pretty unhappy right now.
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