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  1. People calm yourselves Cross threading quote from Shark Well I feel like a darn fool for over reacting. I just called KI and they said it's expected to be added to the website in a few days.... A meal plan a season pass and a two year is great
  2. Should have specified...Steel coasters However I know it probably won't happen, or at least for awhile, but I'd be curious to see what they could do in creating a wooden coaster..
  3. You know other coasters have two tone paint..See quick examples..Mantis..GK, etc. but it is really sweet & I do enjoy the paint. The blue is GK esque, but enough to tell the difference..but that front gate deal had me thinking haha But B&M has saturated the market now..they basically offer every type of coaster any company can produce for the most part aside from a 4D I think they do everything else.
  4. Carowinds Connection estimated 30-35m however no official fact for money has been released yet by the park for a final price See: http://carowindsconnection.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3941 There is a link quoted, however it does not work now.
  5. I thought it was interesting it was not covered. Very nice looking coaster and color choices! It's not the first..that's quite common for CF B&Ms for some reason..see GK for instance. It's like a half built building
  6. I'll be surprised if Skeleton Crew makes am appearance at KI too..I know it's up at the point too but that'd be sweet to see it down here as well. Like Cirque its a show to not miss. Unfortunately I don't think Akian will be apart of the CP show this year, we shall wait and see..or I'll ask Lmao
  7. Trains do have seatbelts, Plantation House is to be removed. Obviously we have a discussion here but I'd recommend following Carowinds Connection. I've lurked there long enough may start posting to follow this bad boy getting built.
  8. Even though there is not an evident MCBR..remember Banshee, we may see an adjustable trim, animation isn't everything. However I have no issue if anything needs to be added, the ride cycle does enough for itself
  9. I've always enjoyed Carowinds..it's slowly becoming the CP of the south..see how it integrates with the entrance, etc. I will say, I hope this thing shatters Levi, that would be sweet. Lastly curious to know if train design will be different. After seeing Banshee trains I'm curious to see if any of that technology crosses over
  10. I'll be there this season potentially, next season I will be there for sure. I'm excited to see this get built. The design is really impressive. I'm curious who all has been designing B&Ms lately, great, great designs
  11. Soon...be patient. Right now they wanted to fill the traditional invert as part of their gap analysis. Possibly in the future the Giga will be in there too.
  12. Yes when you go to the buy now for any pass it gives you the option
  13. Most impressive. I have to say I like the drop, the horseshoe turn and the small airtime hill finish. Few mph faster than Millie and about 100 feet more to put it into perspective. Great new addition, and love the look of it, the color scheme is pretty top notch. Carrowinds site is up with construction pics, webcam, stats, and renderings for those interested.
  14. You can, they just have to verify the amount paid on the pass, which should be the same..I've personally upgraded from my renewed gold to Platinum when CP opened up this year, and same with another member here. But right now, Plat pass, season long dining for all parks, that's not a bad offer. Hopefully it extends through the off season, I have no interest in upgrading atm, still hopefully planning my BGW trip which should happen after my B-Day *crosses finger*
  15. Not sure if problem on my end or not..Keep getting HTTP 406 errors, refresh/reload works, Tapatalk is fine leading me to believe it's on the AFNET end, but can't be too certain. Anyone else with similar issues?
  16. I understand fully, I had a kid with DMD which is quite similar to ALS other than which gene mutates & it's epidemiology. But anyways, kid crashed & coded..that sucked, so trust me, been there, done that, it's not fun. Kids shouldn't die, ever. But trust me..after pushing Sodium Bi and then getting on compressions to rotate a tech out, and then hearing the doc call it. It sucks to lift your hands up off a little guys chest, seen no breathing, no pulse, nothing. I wanted to keep going but he'd been gone for about 20 minutes at that point. So yeah, I hear ya, that probably hit me about as bad as my first trauma patient. This makes it close to me to an extent. I never said I didn't like it. It is all good, I just would like it to be better. I'm all for seeing MORE. Give more, spread more, learn more, realize more. In the video & whatnot, I even said, we're their voice, many ALS stricken individuals eventually lose the ability to speak, it sucks big time. The more we know and work together the better we are at recognizing signs/symptoms and learning from it and eventually I'd hope it's eradication. I can see why, but this is a strong and personal subject. After having the kid above that I explained, one family member on my father's side, and being medical and seeing this every now & then. You want more for these people. I mean alot of us here in the hospital look at this and say, why are we doing this when we could go donate and really teach people what it is. I wish I could share it here but my doc made a great FB video about all of this, and Barney style education. I look at it as this. People know the signs & symptoms of strokes, heart attacks, etc. very well because of great awareness & education. The AHA pushed it so well in the past & currently that basically anyone can somewhat do possibly effective CPR, or recognize someone having a stroke. We could be at that level with neurodegenerative diseases. As someone medical, thats something we would love to see, educated patients.
  17. Glad to see someone liked corkscrew and enjoyed it. Here's my tips for a fun ride Ride in 2-1 (second car, first row, and I prefer left seat). Pull the harness down and keep about a click above pressing onto your shoulders. Press your feet into the front of the car and press your shoulders up into the restraint. Then at lift crest place your hands ontop of the flat part of your car and ride like that the rest of the way. Makes for a fantastic ride it really does. No head banging, etc, and a beautiful pop of airtime. It really is a fun little coaster still.
  18. Sigh..go watch the video..tired of explaining myself over..or read the Huffington Post article that I basically agree with
  19. ^^That will happen if Intamin gets their head out of their ass...trust me I'd love to see a Blitz @ KI, but I doubt we'll ever see it happen
  20. Didn't know that. Quite interesting, and surprising they own stake over here. Do they still own a any other properties or involved with their management
  21. Yeah it's somewhat a slang medical term. Also not saying KI did anything wrong. They at least did the challenge and put something out there and a ticker at the end of the video. That was pretty sweet. But coming from someone in medicine. Our biggest job is education. Above everything else our main goal is to teach. These challenges don't teach. Education is true awareness, and that empowers more than just hearing an acronym. But that doesn't get views or as large a response unfortunately
  22. Exactly..so bunch dump ice.that's it.
  23. I would like actual awareness..as shown in my video..just saying three letters isn't awareness. Unfortunately dumping ice gets views, but combine the two if possible. Take the KI one for instance..provides the links and everything which is way more than 90% of the videos. However the perception I get from it was "donate or do the challenge." Then seeing them do the challenge..it leaves a bit to wonder..perception trumps intent
  24. Today is a first day of school for a bit in my area, probably the same down there too..May come down just for that reason.
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