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  1. Isn't wicked twister a hyper invert them? No inversions and over 200ft.
  2. I haven't seen a poll on this yet so I figured I'd find out what coaster people like best.
  3. The ironic thing is that we're speculating more here than on PB
  4. Bringing back an old topic, but when I was at MiA, the anti rollbacks didn't seem to be working on Mad Mouse. Right at the beginning of the lift they would click, then would be silent until you got to the top, where they would click a little more. Should I be concerned about this? I find it weird that they don't make any noise.
  5. It looks like TTD with 2 overbanked curves and an airtime hill
  6. Please not Vekoma. Anything but Vekoma.
  7. I find it funny how off track this is getting.
  8. Patrick Michael has a small pic of the footers for his profile pic. It looks like a blueprint, but its only the ones we've seen so far and there isn't a track or anything. Just footers. Heres the pic he has. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/--2flhS_krzc/UcTkvmvr9-I/AAAAAAAAAHU/MNO-L3-W_BY/s256-no/4feaaf5e-7fd2-4b2f-9f70-4c7f00b71cae
  9. I have no problem on raptor. I have no problem on any coaster that inverts. Except kumba which got me sick/dizzy feeling. Never got on montu though.
  10. After going on Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure today, I'm praying its not a vekoma. It will probably be b&m though. Although I still think an intamin launching one would be cool.
  11. I created a concept coaster in NoLimits. Eventually I'll post an entire video.
  12. Ok, since I'm new here I'm not really sure who is who. Does Terp work for KI? And does he know what the new coaster is?
  13. I think a launching b&m invert would be awesome. If it had a lift and a launch it would be more awesome. Kinda like how maverick is.
  14. If it is an invert, why are they starting so early?
  15. Hello, first time poster here, but I've been reading since the beginning. So after almost 80 pages of posts I'd figured I'd chime in. One thing nobody has suggest yet (that I'm aware of) is a strata coaster, but have the traditional lift. Not sure if a chain would work but the cable lift would. Imagine a 400ft Millennium force or i305 or even something better. I wouldn't really care if it was B&M or intamin just as long as its a good ride. As far as the b&m invert goes, I've thought of that as the most realistic option from the start. If its one of those, hopefully it will be the tallest and fastest.
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