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  1. Speaking of the basketballs, I remember being at SFoG when I was 12 and there were guys bouncing basketballs everywhere...like it was their job. My dad thought it'd be funny to reach over and steal one from a guy while he was bouncing it in line (a guy probably in his 20's). So he did and then passed it right back to him. The guy went crazy!! He didn't find it amusing at all and started threatening my dad, who was laughing b/c the guy was freaking out so badly. I guess he should have known better, we were in the ATL afterall. Anyway, this discussion triggered that memory. That was way
  2. I can't believe it is so common. In all the years I have been going to theme parks I have nevee had that happen until Sunday. I guess I've been lucky.
  3. I think it was our last one. We live in Lexington so don't get up there more than once or twice a year. Kids are always busy with sports and now school. Oh well. Next year, I guess!! If I didn't also have a 4 and 1 year old I'd love to take the oldest to Haunt. But the 4 year old would be devastated if I left him home.
  4. What I thought was weird was that apparently their phone wasn't out until we were sitting just outside the station. That's what the girl said. Not when the actual pic was taken during the ride. I wonder how they knew? At least that's what the girl working the picture counter said. At least she was nice about it.
  5. I guess I can understand to a degree. But it sucks. My son was pretty bummed.
  6. We were at KI on Sunday and my 10 year old son and I rode Diamondback. When we got off the ride we wentro view our picture, but couldn't see it with the other on-ride pics. I waited for awhile and finally asked the girl at the viewing area why our picture wasn't visable. Apparently the people in front of us used their cell-phone to take a pic when our train was stopped just outside the station and so they blocked our picture. She told me we couldn't view it as long as they were there. I have never heard of this and thought it was strange. And kind of ridiculous, honestly. I googled an
  7. Yeah...I just don't like inverts. Or at least the ones I've ridden. I tend to like coasters with lots of height and speed or fun, unexpected elements. I don't think I am being ungrateful by saying I am disappointed. I am happy KI is getting a new ride, but it isn't the type of ride that I have personally enjoyed. I will give it a chance and hope it proves me wrong!
  8. I am also disappointed. I was hyping myself up for an invert by telling myself it could be the highest. I'm just not a fan of inverts, but find big drops exciting. Oh well.
  9. I lurk here all the time, mostly b/c I don't pretend to know a lot about roller coasters, besides stats of a few, so I usually have nothing to add. However, I have a very distinct memory of being at Winterfest in the early 90's (I believe it was the year I was 11, so probably 1992) and there was a small replica of Top Gun, just inside the entrance where the wall pf brochures are now. I remember being in awe at the time, as I'd never seen anything like it before. However, just because things may have been on display at the end of the season or at Winterfest, does that mean they couldn't hav
  10. Great! Thank you. We went on a Wednesday at the end of May and that was surprisingly crowded, so I was hoping it wouldn't be any more so. Firehawk and Fof were both 90 min waits and most other rides were at least 45 mins waits. I was kind of hoping to avoid that this time, but we have stuff going on every other day until school starts. Thanks again for the responses!
  11. Oh ok. Thanks for the heads up! I will look that up. We love baseball so that may entice us to go Monday anyway.
  12. It looks like we are going to be able to get in another trip before my oldest starts school. However, the only days we could go would be this Sunday or Monday. I googled a crowd predictor for 2013 and it predicted that this Sunday would have moderate crowds and Monday would have heavy crowds. Does anyone here who goes often know how accurate this might be or why Sunday would have a lighter crowd than Monday? We were leaning toward going Monday so we didn't miss church and I had just assumed that it would be more crowded on a weekend.
  13. I am new and made a post on the old thread about how I would be disappointed if it were an invert. I really don't know much about footers or things like that, but it seemed most people on here had concluded that the ride.will be an inverted coaster. I have to say that I'm really happy to see others holding out hope that this may be a giga or Maverick-style coaster. Though coasters and theme parks are a huge interest of mine, as a mon of3 I don't have much time to visit different theme parks to try out all types of coasters. I live in Lexington and have been going to Kings Island at least o
  14. Like I said, it is just my opinion that gigas feels much less intense than inverts. Obviously none of those options are truly "family friendly", but as a mom of a kid who loves Diamondback, I'd be less inclined to take him on an intense invert. They just have always seemed to do a number on me and I don't like the feeling of intense pressure the entire ride. I haven't let him go on Invertigo for that reason and we all know how short that one is. Again, just my silly opinion .
  15. Hi! I am new here, though I have been visiting KI since I was in my mother's womb (literally, she rode The Racer when she was 7 months pregnant with me back in 1981). I have been following this thread since late May when my family visited KI and I noticed they were building something where SOB used to be. My internet research led me to this forum. I really don't have enough knowledge to speculate on what the new ride is, but I wanted to say that I am disappointed to see that the majority here seem to think this will be an invert. Personally, I have found most inverts that I have ridden
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