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  1. The most ive waited is 2 hours, and I was waiting for Flight of Fear.
  2. First one i have done, not really sure how to do them very well yet :/
  3. I had great time, had the best luck at Kings Island. Started off getting on Diamondback in 10 minutes, then we were on The Beast in 30 minutss. Went to get on Firehawk it was closed, but as we walked away it reopened and we were on in 20 minutes. But the thing that made the day was getting to ride Banshee twice in a row, in 40 minutes.
  4. I went today, Banshee the whole time i was there stayed up a hour for wait time. So i rode it 3 times in a row. I think the longest i waited for it was 30 minutes at that was at 5:00pm.
  5. Im supposed to be going to Kings Island tomorrow, and i was wondering... What are the best seats on Banshee?
  6. The Racer is the only ride that has caused it, and ive heard it from other friends to, but calakapepe, what you said made sense about being pushed back down hard at the bottom
  7. Just a question about The Racer, has anyone ever had extreme sharp pains sent through their chest when riding in the very back of The Racer? Me and my friend have experienced these pains after riding in the very back, the pains would last for a hour or more. We got the pains from sitting in the middle a couple times to, so now we always sit in the front, anyone know why that happens? It always happen at the bottom of hills. (Sorry if there is already a thread for this)
  8. Its called forms/frames, depends on who you are talking to, I just couldnt remember the name forms. Ive been around my construction worker friends to much and thats all their company calls them.
  9. In honesty, it looks like concrete, with how perfectly square the edges are, it would make since to be concrete and not gravel. I mean they could of but a frame down to put the gravel in but that would be extra work to be done.
  10. Come on everyone lets get back on topic, i might not play, but i enjoy seeing all the pictures everyone posts!
  11. But the grizzly bear lives by the train tracks
  12. Does anyone else remember when Don said that no other cameras would be added? So when I saw the new camera added, I was happily suprised.
  13. Im looking to renew my gold pass for next year, how do i renew it? I have never done it before
  14. But it is also being redone, new themeing, Invertigo isnt being redone and probably wont be, because it looks good and fits in. *Edit: because I used wrong wording, now everyone can be happy...
  15. Was there ever a res engine? I remembee being a kid and i thought there was a red engine but i was to young to fully remember
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