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  1. Perhaps the yellow track and grey track are for the same coaster. Look at Lost Gravity for reference of how whatever park it's going to could pull it off.
  2. Whatever this could be, I hope it interacts with the pond in some way.
  3. I don't know if this has been said in this thread but the "major key" is a reference to DJ Khaled. He's become somewhat of an internet meme because of some of his catchphrases, one of them being "major key". Since most Snapchat users are teenagers like myself, I think they're just saying it as a reference to DJ Khaled, not hinting at a future ride.
  4. I'm heading out to the park for the first time this season tomorrow and my dad wants me to drive as I have my learner's permit now. As a newer driver, are there any precautions I should take as I will be coming from the north and turning left into the new negatively reviewed toll booth.
  5. All these posts regarding the history of the park, could we see a flat ride with a story revolving around the park's history? Maybe since it's close to The Beast, the trees falling could be from The Beast itself. A dark ride themed to The Beast terrorizing the park and it has a forest theme? I'd be just as hyped for that as I would for a giga.
  6. Just a rough estimate, but based on what I saw on Nearmap, you could fit Delirium (apart from the queue) in that spot.
  7. Makes me wish I wasn't a millennial baby and could've experienced that.
  8. B&M track spotted. Tweet by Taylor AKA CoasterStudios
  9. No I've definitely smelled it as well. I have a really sensitive nose too.
  10. I think the funniest thing I've ever witnessed was a couple of summers ago with my dad. We were against the railing closest to the ride while queuing for Drop Tower. We were watching it come down and as the ride slowed down at the breaks, a big black hairy thing fell from what looked like the sky. I initially thought it was a larger bird but once the ride stopped, we noticed a woman who had a cap like thing covering her real hair. She rushed over to what I finally realized was a wig. She dusted it off and put it back on her head and walked out of the ride. Definitely the funniest thing my dad and I had ever witnessed at the park.
  11. Looking at some of those stats...only 48 mph? The Racer is 53 mph.
  12. BLSC's blue and red trains have been moved into the station
  13. Backlot Stunt Coaster? Firehawk? Flying Ace Aerial Chase? And I guess Surf Dog counts too.
  14. I remember they used to have a LEGO Death Star at the ring toss game. I always wanted it but my parents always said no. Now as a teenager, I still kind of want it, but it would be "lame" to choose it out of all the other prizes if I won it.
  15. I want the money we spent on a ticket back in 2009 back now more than ever.
  16. I had almost forgotten about Greg's little tease.
  17. It appears as though that clearing is getting pretty large. You can actually watch the backhoe? (I should know what its called, my dad's a crane operator) clear more and more land. It appears as if it goes beyond what the webcam shows. I hate to be that annoying guy that jumps on the giga hype train, but choo choo!
  18. Maybe our new shiny giga will have track going over that patch and that just happens to be the first ground area cleared for it
  19. I wish they'd bring back the multi-colored trains.
  20. Hard to believe all that hype and excitement was just three years ago.
  21. The purpose of the games is to make money. Lots and lots of money. You aren't going to get a $50 prize on a $5 game. Heck, many prizes aren't worth the cost to play. I'm referring to the NBA jerseys that you can win at the three point shootout by Vortex and Backlot Stunt Coaster. NBA Jerseys are typically rather expensive, being around that $50 range. Granted you have to make almost all of the threes to win them, but still a pretty good prize if you're an NBA fan like myself.
  22. While I do enjoy the three point shootout games much like the NBA 3-point contest during the All-Star break, I hate the ones that give out basketballs as prizes. I'd love to win myself an NBA jersey that would normally cost $50+ for $5 rather than a basketball that'll get warped and lose its grip after a month. (I found this out from experience) Get rid of the basketball prizes or get rid of those kinds of games IMO. Please keep that 3-point shootout though.
  23. It appears so, they were just to the left of the entrance of WWC and all of that seems gone now.
  24. It appears as though the game shed across from the train station has been razed to make room for the new relocated funnel cake building. (pic from Kings Island's Instagram.) A little speculation here, but to me it looks like the concrete poured here looks way to big to fit just that new soccer game. Could we see a large Rivertown expansion with a new railroad crossing like at Cedar Point by Rougarou? (Pic from Kings Island's Webcam)
  25. Most of your amusement park midway games are "rip-offs." I don;t like to use that word though, they just make some games more difficult so they don't give away all of their prizes right away. At my high school, we have a fair once a year and I had the displeasure of running the giant plinko one. It was so easy to win that we ran out of prizes about 30 minutes into the fair. Tons of crying and angry parents. Plus, I don't think Kings Island is going to spend a lot of their budget on prizes. I'd much rather have them use that budget for new rides and, please for the love of god, better food service.
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