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  1. Waiting for The Beast the other day I was thinking about how much I appreciate the old feel to it. Not everything has to be polished and clean looking. The Beast is a legendary ride that has been around for a long time and if they made the queue areas look like Mystic Timbers I think it would take away from the feel of that ride and experience.
  2. Working Games in 04 there were three things of note. I busted a group passing fake bills. That was fun had to do an actual police report and everything. I watched two groups get into a fight. Pretty sure I saw one group flash a gang sign at the other and it was a rival. started with water bottles getting thrown and went into a full on brawl. I will never forget an old guy coming out of no where and grabbing two of the kids involved and holding them up screaming at them. I just sat back and enjoyed it. Security was over to get them fairly quick. Some random tween girl thought it would be funny to throw a softball at my face at one ball milk can. I think it is a quarter game now right by Racer. I had her and her two friends thrown out with a quickness while they pleaded with me. I have no remorse your actions have punishments.
  3. Walking around the park over the weekend without having the meal plan for the first time in years was wonderful. I would see everyone wasting time in long lines for food and trying to hit food first thing so they could get a second meal in. On Friday as we walked in the park I couldn't help but laugh at everyone already lining up first thing for their meal. I am there to ride and it made me realize I spent too much time in previous years worrying about meals and the lines. Also because the quality was so bad last year and I am now finally on track eating right ( 30 pounds lost since the end of Jan.) I couldn't help but realize just how unhealthy everything was. I was walking all day but not nearly enough to work off one of the meals. For everyone that has the meal plan I hope the quality is much better for you this year.
  4. We got the brisket when it was offered I got fries my wife got mac and cheese. the mac and cheese was super dry and it had been sitting all day the fries were alright but the brisket was absolute trash. It was cold as can be and pretty much just a hunk of fat. It was gross enough I haven't been willing to try it again
  5. I think the prospect of having Fast Lane every time you walk into the park is any coaster nerds dream but the practicality of it for most that live close is pretty low. I know I am out for two simple reasons, lines usually aren't that bad and i come come back to ride whenever having a season pass, and I have a family so adding $1500 isn't going to fly lol.
  6. I was all about the meal plan last year this year I am done with it and will not be getting it if we renew passes for next season. The majority of our meals have been bad with the only constant good being Tom and Chee and Skyline. Smokehouse was horrid when we got it mid summer and most of the other places if the food isn't cold it just doesn't taste good.
  7. This was my thought process but as someone with a 4 and 2 year old I have realized this year passes havent been worth it nearly as much to me to the point we are considering not buying them next year. Both my wife and I have to buy a pass and spend the same amount on my son. We have been about 10 times this year and most of the time is spent in the kids area it hardly feels worth it having to buy three passes so one kid can have fun. I will be on board with buying a season pass again next year if I don't have to spend the extra $100 for my sons pass.
  8. Are the meal plan options at Island Smokehouse seriously only tenders or shrimp? If so that is really annoying considering you can get tenders at so many locations. I was looking forward to a legitimate bbq option.
  9. APE

    Current wait times

    I hope to see some updates today. We will be heading out that way around 3
  10. meh not really i am used to a forum that I have been a part of for many years that pretty much has no rules so I am used to people calling others out and being a bit vulgar. I get it is not for everyone though and I certainly wouldn't ban people left and right for small things
  11. continue with you viewing pleasure.
  12. APE

    Current wait times

    ah my most successful thread makes a return. I am glad to see my baby all grown up and continuing. and to think this is the second version because the first one got ruined by dumb dumbs. Anyway I am hoping to make it out Friday and for there to be minimal lines.
  13. Now that it has been a few days and I have had time to think about it aside from Beast night rides Mystic Timbers is my favorite ride in the park. It is the most intense ride we have going and that is something I have longed for at KI after riding stuff like Maverick and Voyage.
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