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  1. WindSeeker is the only one I know ever closes due to wind. I don't know if 5-10 mph is enough, but I'm not the one making the decisions anyway. Most rides stay open in light rain. If there is any lightning in the area, a lot of them close temporarily, though, for obvious reasons.

    I use Weather Underground to get my weather information (usually the app, but the website wunderground.com works too). Use either Kings Mills or Mason, Ohio to see the forecast for Kings Island.

  2. Last I heard, earlier today, FoF was down. I'm going to the park tomorrow, and I will post about its status once I know it, probably in the "current wait times" thread.

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  3. Drop Tower was down for a long time at the beginning of the season, but is back up now. Shake Rattle and Roll has been down a couple weeks. Flight of Fear has been up and down all season (down again as of today). WindSeeker is often down temporarily throughout the day due to winds (funny enough). Today, Viking Fury was down but that's the first I've heard of any problems with it. That's all I know of being down more than very temporarily this season, but it in no way guarantees what will happen in the future.

    Vortex can be a real pain. I personally find it a little better in the front seat because you can lean into the turns.

  4. If it is open, Flight of Fear is a good bet at 10:00 when the gates open to everyone. Unfortunately I don't have high hopes it will be running, after its opening Saturday may or may not have taken out the power in the rest of the park :-/

    If you have any desire to ride Firehawk, its lines apparently get long later in the day, so you could hit it if FoF is still closed. I personally don't like it so I don't often ride it.

    Barring that, going to Diamondback is a good choice. I love that ride :) I can't personally ride Diamondback before The Beast though, or I won't enjoy Beast as much.

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  5. If you think it sounds better, "media thirsty to make a non-eventful safe operation of a ride sound like a negative to garner page clicks and ad exposure", then ok. I will say that instead.

    If however you take issue to my saying something negative about how a newswriter conducts their business due to how I personally see the results (people freaking out in the comments about how unsafe KI is when what happened was completely safe, and specifically done for safety), and that I am unqualified to speak against any business in which I have no experience... Clearly that newswriter had no experience in ride operation. Were they qualified to write a news story about it then? Shouldn't they have actually contacted anyone who knows anything before plastering it on their Facebook page? If being first and getting clicks is all that matters, I think you have made my point better than I ever could.

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  6. Probably no more than storms closing down rides, extra security at the gate, and other unforeseen and random events give the park a bad reputation. Meaning, there are some who want their negative biases reinforced and never would go to the park anyway, others who have a bad experience that the park would be unable to prevent yet blame the park anyway, and the media which is thirsty to make even normal safe operation into a negative. That is all going to occur no matter what actually happens at the park. As long as the park continues to operate safely as much as is within their control, they will continue to have as good a reputation as possible within such an environment.

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  7. I'm glad they listed it. The days I've gone and never saw them (actually only caught them once so far) I've never known if it was because it was their day off or I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can't wait to see them again.

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  8. Woo-hoo! Sounds fun! If he's excited and not scared, I'd say not to worry about ramping him up, and just get there early enough you can take advantage of ERT on Banshee. Get in a couple (or more) rides before the crowds show up.

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  9. I can't believe you got engaged before this came up! :)

    My husband doesn't like heights, which rules out most coasters, so I've gone very little in the past 15 years. I'd rather spend time with him than anyone else. This year I got myself a Gold Pass and have been going at least once a week by myself while he works. It has actually been quite nice, infinitely more enjoyable than inflicting something he hates on someone I love.

    So, if it turns out afterward your fiancé doesn't like coasters, there's still hope :)

    You might want to reconsider and go earlier in the week if at all possible. I've heard it is Spirit Song this weekend which is apparently a madhouse. I'm going tomorrow because other than Thursday (and possibly Wednesday) they're predicting the best weather.

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  10. I would say it was about drawing attention to themselves. However, I ended up riding on Diamondback next to the guy who wears the customized t-shirt about his number of Diamondback rides, and I tried to smalltalk to him a little when we were waiting to enter the station after the ride. It definitely seemed he was disinterested in drawing attention to himself. To which I say, why the shirt? :) I guess it is possible I'm not the type of person whose attention he wants or something.

    I guess no matter what it is, there is going to be someone who wants to do it best, or most if "best" is undefinable.

    I can't even keep track of how many times I ride a coaster in a row when I keep going around from exit to entrance when lines are low. Trying to keep a lifetime tally would be nearly impossible without lots of work-like attention. I'm only looking for fun, not work.

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  11. Even though it is "officially" part of Planet Snoopy now, I still consider RFYLCB equally at home in Rivertown. So, as far as that goes, it is a good transition, a little of each. The majority of Diamondback being located firmly in Rivertown helps too.

    Really, I think the biggest obstacle is that the outside of RHoFG doesn't fit into the Rivertown theming, so Diamondback's queue and station feel cut off. That's something that would be fairly easily changed (back).

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  12. Does anyone know what the policy is on usage of non-fenced grassy areas at Kings Island? I thought they used to have "keep off the grass" signs, but I haven't noticed any. But I almost never see anyone even walk through them. I would think if it wasn't prohibited, sometimes people would sit there. The only creatures I've seen using them are Canada geese.

  13. Those who know are very unlikely to tell. I'm surprised it's been down this long from what they have said was wrong. I strongly believe they are doing the best they can to get it up as quickly and safely as they can, though.

    Edited: I missed it was back up before posting because of the page break, I'm glad to hear it! Looking forward to riding again this week. Hopefully Firehawk can keep its wings to itself for awhile :)

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  14. I agree with Thrill_Biscuit's assessment 100%.

    Ever since the time my sister trapped me on a merry-go-round and pushed me really fast, I can't take spinning anymore, it just makes me really nauseated. But, I love Delirium.

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