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  1. I have been studying the Cirque Imagine showtimes flyer I got last time at the park, am I'm pretty sure the one juggling in the photo is the one who played Niko in my show (hard to tell for sure from the under-the-chin angle). I looked online and also found a picture of a guy in black/grey on rollerblades jumping over a clown using the arch over the dragon lair entrance. No one on rollerblades was in my show either, so far as I can remember, although I believe that performer was in my show in some capacity.

    I'm definitely led to believe in some way the show I watched was foreshortened.

    I also found one photo online that seemed to have the injured clown interacting with the woman in white as only Niko did in my show. Was he playing that role earlier in the season?

  2. Wow. That is insane about Steak 'n' Shake. "Let's open a location near a major theme park that has existed for 30 years and then begrudge the clientele that brings." :/

    Looking on the map, it's something like 250-500 feet from the north KI parking lot entrance to the DQ. Less from the north exit. If they do offer the $5 deal, I can see it being particularly helpful for families. It's not a big meal, but would be more than enough for most kids. I personally like that it is a little of a few different things.

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  3. No, I was talking about Kings Island's parking lot. We're in the KI forum aren't we? :)

    So there's still a chance. I'll try to find out when I'm over there this week. Problem is I get there early and am reluctant to give up my good parking spots. I'll probably stop by when I leave the park, just to ask about it.

    I saw that review too, Hydra, but I have had similar problems at other Steak 'n' Shakes that I go to more frequently. I wouldn't assume they're bad just because they were understaffed (and therefore slow) on occasion. The other complaint was about thin burgers, but that's how their burgers always are. It's one of the things I like about them.

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  4. Dangit! :)

    I actually want to eat very little when I ride coasters (or am in the heat), so I've been taking snack breaks in my car mostly anyway. I was hoping to try DQ one day if I got the itch for something more to eat without being ridiculous. I thought maybe I found a loophole, but I did also expect it might be a non-participating location. If Cedar Fair owns it, I'm sure it isn't participating.

    Now I need to check for any area Steak 'n' Shake locations.

  5. DQ has been advertising a $5 lunch combo of chicken fingers, fries, a drink, and a sundae!

    I haven't checked yet if it is available at that location, but there is a Dairy Queen two minutes outside the parking lot.

  6. Ah, so there were five clowns in the show originally (looking at the picture of them above taking bows with their injured comrade, including the man on the far right)? He apparently does not have an understudy because the other four in that picture were the only clowns I saw on Thursday (June 5th). That explains a bit of oddness I noticed in the trampoline act when they were "juggling" themselves, three on one side but only two on the other.

    There was no actual juggling in my show, so was the injured clown the one who had done that? I see it in the publicity photos, but that's it.

    I don't know if they were just having an off day, but I was somewhat underwhelmed by parts of the show I saw. The ones that impressed me the most, however, were the biking dragon, the woman on the ring, and the tall long-haired clown when he was on the trampoline. He was the only one in the show who really performed with a practiced smoothness that hid the effort. The taller of the two clowns that had the bright hair (so, not the long haired clown, shortest clown, injured clown, or Niko) had a very endearing quality, which made me want to watch him the most.

    Most of my problems with the show occurred before the show. I wish the employees in the theater spent a little less time before the show trying to get the audience to scream for no reason, and a little more time actually ushering people to the empty seats left when they made everyone compress to the center. Or doing anything that didn't involve them standing at the very front of the theater saying things most of the theater couldn't hear. The lack of microphones made pretty much everything they said dissolve into the crowd noise (and I was only like 5 rows back, so I'm sure the people behind me were unaware of any of their instructions that weren't made clear by miming). That made the children around me unaware they were supposed to be screaming to "support" their theater section (left, right, or center), and just screamed along every time anyone else in the theater did. So, it became more or less ten minutes of random shrill screaming in an enclosed place, how fun!

    I'm definitely going to see the show again, though. The overarching theme is very fun, and there are moments of greatness. I am sure the performances will get a little smoother as they get more under their belt as the season goes on.

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  7. The men's cargo shorts I bought this season were my best investment in a long time. I like to keep my stuff "on me" rather than putting it anywhere I can't watch, too.

    I was a little worried about the lower crotch situation in men's pants (had trouble with men's sweatpants I bought on clearance once), but the ones I got are totally fine.

    Old Navy is where I got mine and they have a lot of selection: different styles, types of fabric, and colors. If the men's sizes don't go small enough, try their boys' section. I wear about a medium unisex t-shirt, but have found a boys' x-large fits me as well. So, if you're smaller than me, I'm sure the boys' section will have something large enough to fit. To give you some idea, I'm 5'8", 150 lbs, and the 32" waist men's shorts fit me best. I could have gone a little smaller in the waist, but needed that size for my hips and butt to be comfortable. The men's sizes went down at least to a 28" waist, too.

    The saddlebag pockets of men's cargos happen to work a lot better with ride restraints than any of my women's shorts I've tried. Plus, they can really carry quite a bit. Having gone a couple times wearing my new shorts, now, I'm going to be buying at least one more pair because they are working so well.

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  8. Eek. I'm at the park today, having kind of a terrible time because I got so spoiled by low crowds in May. Just was going toward WindSeeker and discovered my day could be worse. It's stopped about 20-30 feet from the top, with a full load.

    I very possibly could be on that one if I hadn't gotten distracted on the way back here.

    Eta: things are definitely looking up. I got front seat after an only 20 min wait for Banshee and then got to see (and video record) the Kings Island Five playing the Star Wars cantina theme in front of the theater for Cirque Imagine. Got here early instead of right on time (which is why I didn't get to see the 3:00). I'm looking so forward to this!

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  9. I wonder if you have to have your child with you to "prove" you're a dad. If I went with my husband, who does have an adult daughter, could I buy a ticket to the BYBBQ and he eat free, even though she's not with us?

    We probably won't go anyway, but I don't like ambiguity :)

  10. That reminds me of something I seem to vaguely remember from years ago (this is my first summer spending any real time in the park since 15 years ago).

    Wasn't there a part where arrows or spears "shot out" of the walls? Is that still there? Is it working and I just haven't noticed? Or am I misremembering?

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  11. Man, if they were to remove a coaster, I'd personally vote for Firehawk long before either BLSC or AE. I'm not sure they're quite willing to accept what a stinker it is yet, though.

    As an enthusiast, I really WANT to like it, and I keep trying occasionally, but it just doesn't do it for me. First, the uncomfortable laying back like I'm at the dentist. Then being held up by my shin bones (ow, ow, ow). Then back to the dentist. There has to be somebody out there that can make some comfortable trains or restraints to make the investment in that ride worthwhile.

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  12. I want to make it entirely clear I wasn't saying the torn fabric makes me want them to tear down the ride. The problems with the theming make me want them to fix the darn theming!

    I think it's terribly sad that simple maintenance of any sort of theming seems to be so low on the list of park priorities.

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  13. The fabric making the "stone" beams in the lift hill is shredding with age, making them less than realistic, too.

    What's interesting to me is that when I was there on days with a lot of school groups, the lines for most coasters were fairly empty. About the only time I saw a crowd of sixth graders all enter a line together was at Adventure Express.

    I definitely think it fills a niche as the coaster for people who aren't really into coasters/don't like heights. Mine train style coasters are the only kind my not-so-crazy-about-heights husband actually enjoys. I've gotten him on other coasters, but the mine ride up at Cedar Point is the only one he's ever gotten off of and turned to me and said "let's ride that again!" I don't think I've had him on AE, but I'm fairly sure he would like it too.

    So, if they were to remove Adventure Express, I think they'd lose a lot of the mid-thrill enjoying paying customers. And enjoyment of a mid-thrill level coaster can eventually lead to devotion to high-thrill coasters and bring people back.

    My husband and I were just talking tonight about the bad experiences each of us had on The Beastie when we were young. Both of us were terrified by it the first time, and never rode another coaster for years. If it wasn't for happy circumstances that I got sort of peer-pressured into riding every coaster at Cedar Point the summer I turned 13, I probably wouldn't ever have become a coaster enthusiast.

    I think it is important to have coasters that are thrilling but not too scary, because otherwise a lot fewer people are likely to grow up to want to ride the terribly expensive big boys.

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  14. Even if KI is doing it to make money on lockers, good for them. They managed to take something that is an obstacle to quick operation, an annoyance for other riders and for the ride ops, and turn it into a way to make money. Congratulations, that is some good business sense.

    I won't personally be spending money on the lockers, the same as I won't buy much food in-park. I don't begrudge them making money off of those who are willing to pay and unwilling to adapt.

    I feel it is sort of like the season pass/ Fast Lane dichotomy. The more people who have passes, the more people in the park. The more people in the park, the more willing more occasional visitors will be to buy Fast Lane. Considering a day with Fast Lane costs about the same as my season pass did, I'm perfectly willing to trade off having to occasionally wait a little longer personally. I feel like the offset costs of those Fast Lane purchases subsidizes my having a full season of entertainment for very little money.

    The more money the park makes, the more fun it can potentially be. Banshee wasn't cheap.

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  15. Considering the first article I saw yesterday was headlined something like "Four fires reported in Flight of Fear building" and it was still showing up with that title in my Facebook feed at like 9 last night, I'm sure he's having to field tons of those questions.

    I'm just really glad it's back up for when I go later this week. If it scares off a bit of the lines, I can't say I'm sorry. If it keeps people from going to KI at all, I am though.

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