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TR: Mystery Mine

Captain Nemo

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In all Honesty... Mystery Mine blew my mind! I have never been so terrified on a roller coaster before. The adrenalin pumping in me was off the charts. I guess it was due to the fact that I had no idea what happened on this ride (other than the outdoor layout). It was kind of like Tomb Raider in 2002. I'm going to keep this short and sweet but the fact was that I have never been on a ride quite like this in my life.


We (a good friend of mine and I) arrived at Dollywood at 9:00 on Aug 5th. First was Thunderhead, again ranked highly on my list. Mystery Mine was what I was truly looking forward to. The ride just dominates the area with it's large building, which btw is a true architectural masterpiece!! The experience begins just by walking up this this ride as you see the small Euro-Fighter Gerstlauer trains whip into the heart line roll and roll over loop!


As I approached the Mine (appropriately named Mine #13) I was already as excited as I was when going down the first drop of Maverick. The line is well put together with themeing. Mine decor is placed everywhere. The line moved fairly slow but I did not care I was taking in all the surroundings.


This is the last thing you can look at before entering the station. It is like they are teasing you, I swear!!! Once entering the station I think it dawned on me... If I see a canary in the mine, bad luck will soon follow. OK, before I go any further I would like to show you what really flipped me out as we entered the station. DO NOT VIEW THIS PHOTO IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ON THIS RIDE, I MEAN IT!!!


And I thought the drop out of SOB was cool!

So I began thinking to myself. If that is just the start, what does the rest of the ride hold in store? Well here we are just before riding.


You can just see the excitement!

So here is the ride- Again, please, do not read if you have not been on Mystery Mine. Honestly just spoiling this ride will just make you feel bad after reading and make you wish you just rode the ride without the spoilers! Anyway, here we go.


So if your reading this you already know what happens in the indoor section of the ride. I loved the reverse bank turn and the vertical lift. What really got me was the flames at the end. To think I thought the flames in Backlot Stunt Coaster were close. Those flames just really got me! Also liked how it held you at the top before dropping down into the finale.

The 95 degree drop is out of this world. Much more intense than Mavericks. The trains are so small and just drop so quickly you lose your breath for a second. Infact, it would be just as accurate to say that I found MM to be a much better ride than Maverick! This ride was everything plus more than what I expected. Great investment on the part of Dollywood!



("Don't whistle in the Mystery Mine, Thats a canary's job")

For those of you that have been on MM, what did you think of it?

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I rode Mystery Mine the day it opened to the public last year. As a coaster, it's just "ok", but as a total experience, it's incredible. The level of theme detail is amazing. It truly tells a story. It doesn't top Maverick for me, but it's still a great ride.

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MM is a great ride overall and just another jem in the crown for DollyWood. Truly one of the best parks around. The park has some of the best staff around, extremely clean, very family friendly, great collection of rides, awesome coasters, great shopping and dinning and if you cant tell I absolutely love DollyWood. Not many parks around that provide the expeirence it does. Where else can you ride something like the Smokey Mountain Sidewinder?
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