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  1. But doesn't that mean the actual price of the food at the tipping restaurant isn't what it appears to be on the menu because they are expecting you to tip?
  2. I noticed today that when you go to the KIGear site you are forwarded to https://merch.cedarfair.com/ I am still happy that I can buy Kings Island stuff without going to the park…but wish I didn’t have to wade through all of Cedar Fair’s parks other merchandise. You can select a certain park…but once you do it, it is not listed from new to old…so if you want to see the New Arrivals you have to look through every parks new stuff. I’m also curious if everything ships from one centralized location now…or if shipping would be higher if you ordered 2 different parks merch?
  3. I’ve seen some new anniversary items posted for The Beast, Diamondback & Banshee that is for sale at the park posted by people on FB…also the new “I Rode It” 2024 pin series…but so far none of those have been listed on the KIGear site…but these were put up recently. Is this the new style lately? Are they supposed to look retro? The designs look dated to me…but of course so am I.
  4. @BB1 @chad_1138 Thanks for the pictures!
  5. Really nice stuff in there! I've never seen the canoes in action...it looked like a total free-for-all...I wonder if it was timed?
  6. The park really hasn’t been trying to hard to take my money lately on their site over the last few months…they really haven’t added much. I have been patiently waiting for them to add their new line of stocking caps that someone posted over on FB weeks ago…and yesterday they finally did! I love things like these that are park/ride specific. I checked the site in the morning and these weren’t up…and then a couple of hours later…and then they were…unfortunately The Beast with the pompom was already sold out! They are $24.99 each.
  7. I wonder why they felt a need to have a second Adventure Express poster? I think the first one was much nicer.
  8. I had been putting off buying The Vortex set, but once you posted that you purchased the last one I checked the KIGear site and found that they still offered them and quickly got one ordered…which arrived today…I am puzzled though…this set is advertised to be limited to only 250. Here is a photo of the box from the KIGear site: (Notice the Limited Edition numbering.) Here is the box that I received: (Notice no number.) So, I am puzzled, did they sell all of the original “limited” 250 sets and now are just making more?
  9. ^ At least it’s still 12…they haven’t cut any days out of IT yet.
  10. We purchased the Magic Band+’s for our trip in January earlier this year…unless they have perfected them since then they weren’t worth the extra money…you had to struggle BIG TIME to get them to work with the statues…and even when you got it to work the effect really wasn’t that much. We were disappointed after spending the extra money.
  11. My family have all had season passes since 2002...but this year I am the only one who renewed mine. There were various reasons...but It seemed like the major one was that they have been unhappy with the quality of Halloween Haunt, they did not mind that it has become more family friendly...just that it's pretty much the same haunts year after year after year, and now less of them...and then there's the Winterfest decorations being put up while it is still going on. So, that is 5 less passes that the park will be getting next year...which does make me sad...but I don't disagree with their decision.
  12. That all of the “I can’t wait, bring it on” & the “It’s fine” votes are from Six Flags fans.
  13. Why argue with someone who now claims to have such a vast knowledge?! (DispatchMaster…nothing personal, the comment just struck me as funny.)
  14. These are finally up on the site…now hopefully they will add the “You must be this tall” pin soon.
  15. It is his opinion, which he is entitled too just like you. As for where I stand , I have no horse in this race…I have never really known Don…but it does strike me as being a huge coincidence that his tombstone is damaged. Why wouldn’t it have been repaired before it was put out? (vinyl letters aren’t that expensive.) In my opinion…and we know what that’s worth…if it was already damaged and was still put out like this, it shows little respect for a man who did so much for the park. I am curious, are there any other tombstones that are this damaged?
  16. If it was intentional…and it looks like it was, that is both childish & petty. That is worse than just eliminating his tombstone. I am disappointed in the park.
  17. But once again, how does that affect you? Logically those four other non-wearing No Boo people are with the person wearing it…and if they don’t mind, why should you?
  18. In my opinion the roaming scareactors are one of the best things about Haunt. Not only do they add to the Halloween feel, they are great photo ops…plus they give everyone an easy chance to (possibly) be scared without waiting 2 hours on a Saturday night for one of the haunts! As for the No Boo necklaces…why are no many people upset with these? It’s not like it affects anyone other than the person wearing it?!
  19. I was hoping that once the KIGear site came back up from maintenance that there would be some new stuff up…like the pins I have been waiting for….there was nothing new when the site came back up….but now they have added two new items, gift cards! If anyone from the site is possibly reading this, here’s a tip… maybe I’d buy a gift card if you would put some new stuff on the site that I wanted to buy!
  20. ^ (Holds hand up to ask the teacher a question) “Will any of this be on the test tomorrow?”
  21. Last year my wallet couldn’t keep up with everything that was being listed on the KIGear site…it seemed like they were listing things twice a week, now it’s about once every week and a half or more. I am still waiting on those 2 pins that I have been looking for….and it has now been over 2 weeks since I emailed them specifically asking for them to be listed. I guess they aren’t hurting for money this year.
  22. I once heard banter about Universal Studios on TV here in Illinois and drove to Orlando to see it.
  23. Since my last post the KIGear site has added The Bat pin and all 3 sets of the Phantom Theater pins…unfortunately they still haven’t gotten to the “You must be this tall..” pin or the Adventure Port pin set…which of course are the ones that I really want. I contacted them before they even listed The Bat pin specifically asking them to stock those…but it looked like a generic response of “they will be stocking new items in the future” type of a reply…so I still have my fingers crossed.
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