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Will log flume be removed.


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The only thing that ever pointed to removal of the flume was certain people's wild misinterpretations of Snapchats done by an intern with no special knowledge of Project 2017.

Because it seems clear at this point that the flume is not in the way of Mystic Timbers, and there haven't even been rumors of problems with the ride, I think we can say that for the immediate future it is very safe.

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On a side note does anyone have an article or story the wooden coaster that went to KY Kingdom, was originally going to Americana.

Here is one discussion I found. Pretty interesting, I had never heard this was a possibility before.

"It was designed by John Fetterman of Knoebels four years earlier. According to John Fetterman “Thunder Run was designed in early 1986 for Americana."

"The design was presented to Ron Berni a manager at Americana Park in Middletown, Ohio. At Dinn’s request Fetterman sent the completed design, including ledger heights and placements to Dennis Starkey, an engineer with Curtis Summers, Inc. Americana failed to contract the building of the ride. Ron Berni left Americana and in 1990 was working in a position of responsibility for Kentucky Kingdom. “It is thus reasonable to assume that he was the reason that the ride designed for Americana was finally built at Kentucky Kingdom” Fetterman told RC!"


Ironically it was supposedly going to go where the log flume you mentioned ended up sitting. Not sure where I read that or if it's even true?

A lot of interesting info at that link about Dinn and Summers, especially with the next step for Mean Streak yet to be revealed.

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I hope they dont remove it....if it needs an overhaul then they should do that or replace the attraction.....i know at SFMM in california, the Logjammer flume ride which was a crowd favorite since the park opened (around same time as KI) and in place of it put FULLTHROTTLE coaster , which is a great ride but the park received an overwhelming amount of negative feedback on removing the attraction. I personally agree. Flume ride is a great family ride....if its life is at its end....the put a new one in.....flumes are just a traditional fun ride at most parks and should always be there in my opinion. if nobody rode it or liked it at all, then ok, but that just usually isnt the case. Just my opinion is all.

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