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25th Anniversary Tickets

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I thought I would share this. An old friend from school was going through his stuff and found these. He said he thought I would appreciate these instead of throwing them away. 4 unused Dry Run day tickets for the 25th anniversary season. Now I just need to get them framed for my office. Way cool. ecf11f64a7b8814b3a3f1a4ba36d312f.jpg
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Wow, this is way cool. I'm jealous. I have a thing for anything related to the 1997 season as it was the 25th anniversary season and the year I was born. Once I realized that a few years ago, I went onto eBay and got myself a souvenir 25th anniversary Coke bottle and ornament (pictured below).

I actually got really excited for a second when I first glimpsed this post as I thought you were selling them. I was ready to jump on it, but hey, I'm glad they're in safe hands rather than the trash.


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